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Why a ‘good enough’ relationship is one that lasts a lifetime

Thursday 01:32 GMT

“A ‘good enough’ relationship is not a relationship where people are psychologically and physically abused,” he explains. While a “good enough” relationship is a baseline for how you should expect to be treated, it’s also important be realistic, he says.

“I think the ‘good enough’ relationship is one in which you get treated with respect and love and affection, and those are the essential ingredients,” Gottman tells NBC News BETTER. He says the “good enough” relationship requires trust and commitment as a baseline for happiness in your relationship.

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Indigenous leaders question Quebec’s commitment to feds’ new framework

Friday 18:12 GMT

READ MORE: Trudeau Liberals announce new legislative framework on Indigenous rights. “We were always faced with a (provincial) government that does as little as it can to advance this whole notion of Indigenous rights and Indigenous title,” he said, adding that some Indigenous groups in Quebec have been at the negotiating table for up to 40 years.

First Nations leaders are welcoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s pledge to revamp the federal government’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples, but some Quebec chiefs fear their province’s obstructionist approach to self-determination could hinder the process.

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ANALYSIS: On Crown-Indigenous relations, Trudeau’s ‘lofty commitments’ run into reality

Friday 21:52 GMT

The week’s news in Crown-Indigenous relations has been a remarkable and busy one but it’s also been one which put on display all those things that fans of the Trudeau government love about the Trudeau government while simultaneously shining a light on the most frustrating aspects of the 27-month-old Liberal government.

In announcing the good news for the Slate River Nation, Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott reiterated what is arguably the most important promise the Trudeau government made in the 2015 election: that by 2021, there will be no long-term drinking water advisories on public water systems on any reserve in the country.

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Top U.S. officials tell the world to ignore Trump’s tweets

Today 06:05 GMT

Amid global anxiety about President Trump’s approach to global affairs, U.S. officials had a message to a gathering of Europe’s foreign policy elite this weekend: pay no attention to the man tweeting behind the curtain.

Both Democrats and Republicans — and top national security officials in the Trump administration offered the same advice publicly and privately, often clashing with Trump’s Twitter stream: the United States remains staunchly committed to its European allies, is furious with the Kremlin about election interference and isn’t contemplating a preemptive strike on North Korea to halt its nuclear program.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte