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Source: DW

'Islamic State' in Syria shrunk to half a square kilometer: commander

Sunday 12:39 GMT

The commander of the operation led by US-backed forces to expel the 'Islamic State' (IS) group from its last remaining territory in Syria says the extremists have been encircled in an area of little more than half a square kilometer.

"We want to confirm that Baghouz [Al-Baghouz Fawqani] is within firing range and is besieged," Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) commander, Jia Furat, told reporters on Saturday. "These days, IS is surrounded in a neighborhood estimated to be 700 meters (840 yards) long and 700 meters wide," he added.

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Source: Global News

Royal Canadian Navy culture a barrier to recruitment efforts: retired commander

Tuesday 20:00 GMT

The regular navy force is made up of about 8,000 sailors, according to Commodore Steve Waddell, but they’re currently 10 per cent short of that.

The navy currently operates in a command drive culture, Hansen says, describing it as one in which all considerations come second to the mission and the commander’s reputation.

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Seven of Karl Lagerfeld’s most iconic moments

Thursday 08:59 GMT

His personal style – the uniform dark suits, matching shades and the ponytail – made Karl Lagerfeld instantly recognisable.

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