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Joan Collins: 'I just gave them a knee to the groin. It's hardly suffering'

Monday 08:04 GMT

When I go to meet Dame Joan Collins at her luxury condo in Beverly Hills on a bright November afternoon, I am told to wait for her publicist Jeffrey in the lobby, so when a male voice approaches me I turn round to greet Jeffrey.

Joan invites me to stretch out with her on a large white sofa, above which hangs a painting of Joan stretching out on a large white sofa. “Oh, you are wonderful, darling,” she says from behind her sunglasses when Percy returns with her dainty teacup, alongside my gigantic mug, which is perched on a tiny saucer.

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Joan Collins talks past rape, says stars don't have to tolerate sexual harassment

Tuesday 15:25 GMT

Joan Collins survived being drugged and raped early in her career but insists that tolerating sexual harassment is a choice.

The #MeToo and Time's Up movements aim to provide some aid to women in need: Tarana Burke, who founded the #MeToo movement nearly a decade ago, has said the hashtag was created to help women in communities that lacked rape crisis centers or other venues for support; The Time's Up Legal Defense Fund offers financial support to women who claim to have experienced sexual harassment or misconduct in the workplace.

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Facebook discussed cashing in on user data, emails suggest

Thursday 14:30 GMT

Facebook staff in 2012 discussed selling access to user data to major advertisers, before ultimately deciding to restrict such access two years later, according to a tranche of internal emails released by the UK parliament.

The emails cast new light on a number of other controversial practices at the social network:. Damian Collins, the chair of the DCMS committee, which released the emails, said: “The files show evidence of Facebook taking aggressive positions against apps, with the consequence that denying them access to data led to the failure of that business. “It is clear that increasing revenues from major app developers was one of the key drivers behind the Platform 3.0 changes at Facebook,” Collins added.

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Facebook gave Airbnb, Netflix preferential access to user data, U.K. lawmakers say

Thursday 19:06 GMT

A U.K. Parliament committee accused Facebook on Wednesday of cutting special deals with some advertisers to give them more access to data as it released 250 pages worth of documents on the tech giant’s internal discussions about the value of users’ personal information.

In a summary of key issues pertaining to the documents, the committee says Facebook “whitelisted” or gave preferential access to certain companies, such as Airbnb and Netflix, even after the tech giant announced changes in 2015 to end access to a user’s “friends.” READ MORE: Mark Zuckerberg a no-show at rare international lawmakers meeting on Facebook. “Facebook have clearly entered into whitelisting agreements with certain companies, which meant that after the platform changes in 2014/15 they maintained full access to friends data,” the committee said in a statement preceding the emails.

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Facebook defends Zuckerberg's exposed emails

Friday 15:27 GMT

The latest barrage came in the form of a tranche of "confidential" internal emails published online by MPs, who have been smarting that chief executive Mark Zuckerberg refused to testify before them. As Damian Collins, the chair of the Parliamentary committee responsible, put it, if they could not get "straight answers" from Mr Zuckerberg then at least the emails could reveal how his firm treats users' data and protects its "dominant position".

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte