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The problem with perfectionism

Today 05:10 GMT

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Recent research reports the pursuit of perfectionism has gradually increased among college students over the past quarter-century. "These findings suggest that recent generations of college students have higher expectations of themselves and others than previous generations," lead author Thomas Curran of the University of Bath said in announcing the findings.

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'My husband was murdered for loving me'

Today 05:10 GMT

Her parents and relatives tried hard to separate them: they filed a police complaint saying Shankar had kidnapped their daughter; and a week after her marriage, abducted her and took her to shamans and priests who smeared ash on her face and force-fed her potions, pressuring her to leave her husband.

On the last day of his life, Shankar and his wife of eight months, Kausalya, woke up around nine in the morning in their village hut.

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She was expelled from college after her racist rants went viral. Her mother thinks she deserves it.

Sunday 14:31 GMT

In fact, Barber’s mother agrees with the University of Alabama’s decision to expel the 19-year-old freshman for posting two videos of her racist rantings to her Instagram account.

Until a 5-foot-long tapeworm slithered out of his body. Starved, chained, beaten, unbathed: The horrific case of 13 siblings allegedly held captive at home

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LGBTQ college student is stabbed 20 times, but was it a hate crime?

Friday 20:58 GMT

He was still trying to explore his identity and.... Now, Woodward, 20, has been charged in the death, and prosecutors are trying to determine if Bernstein is a victim of a hate crime.

Edward Muñoz, an attorney for Woodward, said his client was a former Eagle Scout who attended college in Ventura County for a year before dropping out. Bernstein, a pre-med student, was reported missing Jan. 3 by his family, who became concerned after he didn’t show up for a dental appointment and they found his wallet and eyeglasses in his bedroom.

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10 colleges with the best return on investment

Friday 09:58 GMT

You can't do better than Stanford University, according to Princeton Review, publisher of the annually updated book "Colleges that Pay You Back."

Notably, Princeton Review created subsets for colleges with the best internships, the best alumni networks, the best financial aid and the best career placement. However, aid packages remain generous, leaving the average graduate with less than $22,000 of debt.

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A Wall Street legend gave $75 million to philosophy majors and, yes, it’s a good investment

Saturday 01:32 GMT

Bill Miller, perhaps best known for beating the S&P 500 Index for 15 straight years, will donate $75 million to the philosophy department at Johns Hopkins University, the school announced this week.

Philosophy majors who graduated in 2016 saw their job prospects rise from the year before, according to Edwin Koc, the director of research, public policy and legislative affairs at the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

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