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Music about the life-giving element of water

Friday 17:18 GMT

As performed at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, the program has music by George Frideric Handel, Carl Nielsen, Gene Pritsker, Charles Coleman and Philip Glass – all flowing around the theme of water.

Performed by:  Mikhail Simonyan, violin Members of the  Absolute Ensemble, New York Baltic Sea Philharmonic  Kristjan Järvi, conductor. Recorded by North German Radio, Hamburg (NDR) in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg on August 29, 2017

1 Article
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A Historic Victorian Home with Modern Amenities in San Francisco

Today 13:39 GMT

Amenities include a modern security system, a mini wet bar, a Jacuzzi tub, central air conditioning—a rarity in San Francisco, Mr. Callan said.

With his brother John, he owned the successful Idaho Gold Mine in Grass Valley, but as the 20th century approached, the brothers hung up their mining hats and moved to San Francisco. In 1895, Coleman poured his wealth into the construction of a lavish Queen Anne house in the Pacific Heights neighborhood, a couple doors down from his brother’s house.

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