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Do you have allergies, a cold or the flu Here’s how to tell

Friday 20:01 GMT

As we move into colder months you may find yourself sneezing and sniffling a little bit more, but how do you know if you have allergies, or a cold or flu?

Allergies tend to last longer than a cold or the flu, with Cho explaining that, “colds and flu rarely last beyond two weeks. Allergy symptoms usually last as long as you’re exposed to the allergen, which may be about six weeks during pollen seasons in the spring, summer or fall.”

1 Article
Source: Global News

A toddler ‘almost died’ from contracting herpes from a kiss

Thursday 19:06 GMT

Several doctors’ visits resulted in nothing more than a prescription for a topical cream, but young Parker was suffering from something much more dangerous — the herpes virus, which he contracted through a kiss from someone with a cold sore.

Marina Salvadori, a paediatrics professor at Western University and pediatric infectious diseases consultant, said that while a kiss is an unconventional way for a baby to contract herpes, it is possible.

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