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Source: Global News

RCMP charge 2 from Ivory Coast over attempt to extort Tony Clement sexting scandal

Monday 19:05 GMT

Following reports from several media outlets over the weekend, RCMP are now confirming charges have been laid against two individuals in connection with the investigation into efforts to extort 50,000 euros from Clement after he shared sexually explicit photos and videos last year with someone he said he believed was a consenting female, but who then demanded payment and threatened to release the images.

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Source: CTV

2 men accused of blackmailing Tony Clement over explicit images arrested in Ivory Coast

Sunday 02:23 GMT

Two men in West Africa are accused of posing as a woman online to blackmail former Conservative MP Tony Clement with sexually explicit photos he sent them.

Clement eventually dropped out of the race and threw his support behind Maxime Bernier, who lost to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and went on to launch the People’s Party of Canada.

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