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A awkward partnership might be the solution to Germany's political stalemate

Today 05:11 GMT

After an inconclusive fall election threatened to paralyze Germany’s leadership, the renewal of a uncomfortable right-left partnership could herald an end to what analysts had been calling the country’s worst post-war political crisis.

On the shadowlands of the frontier, a U.S. border agent plans his future in Mexico. Shocking sexual abuse allegations at a kindergarten in Beijing has China on edge

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German coalition talks: Social Democrats play waiting game

Friday 23:51 GMT

Germany's Social Democrats on Friday underlined their willingness to hold talks to solve Germany's ongoing problems forming a new government.

"The SPD will not rule itself out of talks," said General Secretary Hubertus Heil after eight-hour overnight talks at party headquarters. Germany's Social Democrats on Friday underlined their willingness to hold talks to solve Germany's ongoing problems forming a new government.

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German coalition talks: Merkel and Schulz set to meet

Friday 23:51 GMT

There have been some murmurings, such as from from SPD vice chief Ralf Stegner, that the SPD attempt to lead a minority government if Merkel is unwilling to do so.

The meeting, likely to take place on Monday or Tuesday, is set to bring together Christian Democrat (CDU) leader Merkel, Social Democrat (SPD) leader Martin Schulz and Horst Seehofer, the leader of Christian Social Union (CSU), the CDU's Bavarian sister party.

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Germany’s Merkel gets a potential lifeline as center-left party says it’s willing to talk

Friday 23:51 GMT

The impasse that has gripped German politics all week showed signs of breaking Friday as a main center-left party backed down from pledges that it would not consider teaming with Chancellor Angela Merkel to form a government.

It has stirred speculation over how long Merkel can hang on to the chancellorship and whether a new vote might give even more impetus to the far-right Alternative for Germany party (AfD).

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German activists lose bid to halt Hambach mine expansion

Today 05:10 GMT

An environmental group has failed in its legal bid to stop the controversial expansion of Germany's biggest lignite mine.

The group argued that NRW authorities should never have approved mine operator BWE's plans for the 2020-2030 period, saying the upcoming expansion would mean felling trees in the ancient Hambach forest. "We will continue to pursue all legal and political avenues to stop this irresponsible open-pit mine and to save what remains of the Hambach forest," BUND's managing director in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) said.

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Germany: Bundestag begins business despite coalition impasse

Friday 20:57 GMT

Nuremburg's mayor Ulrich Maly urged the next federal government to pour more funds into fixing Germany's shortage of affordable social housing, partly the result of privatizations in past decades.

Routine safeguards built into its postwar constitution kept Germany functioning on Thursday – from federal to communal level - as President Frank-Walter Steinmeier led further efforts in Berlin aimed at forming a coalition government.

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Saudi-led coalition says it will ease Yemen blockade

Thursday 17:18 GMT

SANAA, Yemen -- The Saudi-led military coalition fighting Shiite rebels in Yemen said Wednesday that it will reopen the war-torn country's main airport and a vital Red Sea port to humanitarian traffic, easing a blockade imposed after rebels fired a missile toward the Saudi capital earlier this month.

The conflict in Yemen pits Houthi rebels and forces loyal to Yemen's ousted president against the internationally recognized government and its main backer, the Saudi-led coalition.

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Silvio Berlusconi takes public office ban to human rights court

Thursday 04:17 GMT

An appeal against a ban on Silvio Berlusconi holding public office is to be heard by the European court of human rights, in a move that could potentially see Italy’s scandal-tainted former prime minister leading the country again.

“We’ll have just 30 minutes to set out our argument, the same goes for the government,” Andrea Saccucci, one of the lawyers who will represent Berlusconi in the Strasbourg court, told the Guardian. “It’s pretty standard, but this hearing will attract a lot of attention for obvious reasons.”

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Yemen’s War Is a Tragedy. Is It Also a Crime?

Thursday 18:11 GMT

This is the daily reality for the residents of Yemen suffering a staggering humanitarian crisis driven by a fierce civil war.

Famine can amount to a crime against humanity if food restrictions are used as a weapon of war, according to United Nations officials. “It is an international crime to intentionally block access to food, food aid, and to destroy production of food,” the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to food, Hilal Elver, told journalists in October, speaking generally on the topic.

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Yemen: Saudi-led coalition promises to ease blockade, reopen key ports

Thursday 21:50 GMT

The Saudi-led coalition fighting rebels in Yemen has pledged to reopen the country's main airport, as well as two main ports.

Yemen's largest airport in the capital of Sanaa will reopen to UN aircraft, while the Red Sea port of Hodeida will be able to once again receive urgent humanitarian aid, the Saudi-led coalition said on Wednesday. In a statement, coalition officials said that it would reopen the ports and airport to receive "urgent humanitarian and relief materials" starting midday on Thursday (0900 UTC).

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Merkel’s Troubles May Spell Trouble for All of Europe

Wednesday 20:03 GMT

Mr. Macron has audacity, but he is too new and viewed too skeptically by other leaders, including those from Central Europe, to actually “lead Europe,” if Europe can in fact be led. “Even if weakened inside, Merkel had great authority outside of Germany, and a style that lent itself well to coalition building,” said Mark Leonard, the director of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Devout supporters of the British exit from the European Union — known as Brexit — saw Ms. Merkel’s troubles as helping their cause — “the political weakness of the strongest E.U. state makes our negotiating position stronger,” said Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Conservative member of Parliament.

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