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Is promotion and relegation any closer in US soccer?

Tuesday 08:59 GMT

The issue of promotion and relegation in America is still a matter of debate throughout the country’s soccer communities.

A year after Carlos Cordeiro was elected US Soccer president in a free-for-all that threw everything in the sport up for debate, the federation convened for a much quieter annual meeting over the weekend. Hall of Fame player Cindy Cone was officially declared vice president, a foregone conclusion after she was the only candidate to secure a nomination.

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Source: Reuters

Not there yet but closer: Britain and EU haggle over Brexit compromise

Today 08:04 GMT

Britain and the European Union on Thursday played down the chances of clinching an immediate Brexit divorce deal but diplomats said they were edging closer to a legal compromise that Prime Minister Theresa May hopes will win over the British parliament.

“We are looking at updating the declaration on future EU-UK ties after Brexit to give more prominence to the ‘alternative arrangements’ sought by Britain,” said one EU diplomat who deals with Brexit. Barclay, Barnier and Cox were due to continue talks “urgently” at a technical level, the UK’s Brexit ministry said.

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