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Source: CBS News

Top female lobbyist offers her take on sexual harassment

Friday 23:51 GMT

In the current climate of sexual harassment allegations affecting a wide swath of industries, including politics, a top female Washington lobbyist says it's time for leaders to "foster a culture of respect." "When I got here fresh out of the University of Iowa as a new, young congressional staffer, I think the general sentiment, it was sort of passed along from woman to woman, was 'boys will be boys and women have to manage that.

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Source: DW

Far-right NSU terror trial: Did lawyer fabricate victim?

Wednesday 08:06 GMT

A German court has charged a lawyer over €200,000 in expenses after it emerged that his client, a neo-Nazi terrorist bomb victim, never existed.

However, Ralph W.'s own 2013 application to the Munich court to represent his client in the NSU trial raises questions about the lawyer's claims that he had no idea his client didn't exist - or at least about his competence. For instance, the document — shown to DW by Attila Ö's lawyer Eberhard Reinecke — claims that his client was treated in Cologne's Eduardus hospital, and provides a doctor's certificate of the treatment — however, the hospital records show that no Meral Keskin was treated there.

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Source: The Guradian

Pitch perfect: the experts' guide to selling an idea

Thursday 21:50 GMT

Having a good idea can be the easy part – selling it to strangers requires nerves of steel and more than a working knowledge of the art of persuasion.

Emma Zangs and Mariana Marquez founded Metaspeech, which runs online courses teaching tech companies how to pitch more successfully.

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