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North Korea ready to denuclearize if security guarantees are met, Putin says after summit

Today 05:10 GMT

Russian President Vladimir Putin said after his summit with Kim Jong Un Thursday that the North Korean leader is ready to proceed toward denuclearization — but needs solid security guarantees to do so.

Vladimir Putin arrives in Vladivostok for summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The summit on Russky Island, across a bridge from the far-eastern port city of Vladivostok, reflected Russia’s effort to emerge as an essential player in the North Korean nuclear standoff, a role that would raise Moscow’s global clout and its leverage with Washington.

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Source: Fox News

John Stossel: The Green New Deal and the one thing no one ever wants to talk about

Thursday 02:24 GMT

If a Green New Deal is ever implemented, says Mills, it would rob the poor by raising energy costs, while “giving money to wealthy people in the form of subsidies to buy $100,000 cars, to put expensive solar arrays on their roofs or to be investors in wind farms.”

“That’s a goal you could only imagine possible if you have no idea how energy is produced,” James Meigs, former editor of Popular Mechanics magazine, says in my latest video. “Renewable is so inconsistent,” he adds.

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Source: The Guradian

'It's clear we won': Istanbul's new mayor keen to start work

Tuesday 09:54 GMT

I just want you to work alongside me so we can do the best possible job for the people who elected us,” the new mayor told several hundred employees, some of whom leaned over balconies and took out phones to film the speech.

It was for Istanbul’s new mayor, Ekrem ?mamo?lu, who last month delivered one of the biggest challenges to Erdo?an’s grip on the country in years. Local elections on 31 March proved to be an unexpected watershed moment in Turkish politics, as usually run-of-the-mill races for mayors and neighbourhood administrators became a referendum on Erdo?an’s handling of the faltering economy.

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Mikheil Saakashvili: Ukraine's presidential election should send a clear message to every politician

Wednesday 14:31 GMT

Zelensky’s victory sends a clear message to all politicians, in Ukraine and beyond: The global anti-establishment trend isn’t reversing anytime soon.

Nevertheless, as U.S. presidential contenders throw their hats in the ring for 2020, polling shows that Democrats favor nominating an “experienced political insider.” But those who anticipate a return to “politics as usual” are making a big mistake: The revolt against the status quo shows no sign of stopping.

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