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My father died two years ago. I'm still struggling to clean out his closet.

Today 14:28 GMT

After 44 years with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, he retired with the gold watch, was thrown a party and received his pension.

There in his bed by the window in our sunroom, as the snow swirled outside, by father silently slipped from this life to the next. As I waited till late in the night for the funeral home to arrive, I listened to a conversation I had recorded with him – back when he was strong and sharp.

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Emma Bunton: ‘We made Victoria clean the bathroom!’

Today 07:08 GMT

It’s an odd sensation interviewing Emma Bunton, a legitimate 90s icon whose identity is so ingrained in popular culture.

For a couple of years, Bunton, Melanie Brown, Geri Halliwell, Victoria Adams and Melanie Chisholm all shared a small terrace house in Maidenhead.

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Solar and wind firms call the 'Green New Deal’ too extreme

Friday 15:25 GMT

U.S. solar and wind power companies may have the most to gain from the Green New Deal, an ambitious proposal backed by several Democratic presidential candidates to end U.S. fossil fuel consumption within a decade.

It underscores a new reality for U.S. solar and wind power companies long associated with the environmental left: As they have improved technology and lowered prices, their growth is shifting from politically liberal coastal states to the more conservative heartland, where skepticism of climate change and government subsidies runs high.

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We McDonald: I used to take water for granted but then THIS changed me forever

Saturday 08:04 GMT

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal for water aims to provide every person around the world with access to clean water and sanitation by 2030.

World Vision, the Christian humanitarian organization that I was traveling with, reaches one new person with clean water every 10 seconds.

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