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Who says chardonnay can’t be cool?


The wine in question was a chardonnay from Bret Brothers, which specialises in wines from the Mâcon region in southern Burgundy, where the vines grow on east-facing slopes in clay and limestone-rich soil.

“In Pursuit of Balance really concentrated on pulling back from oak and making chardonnay a lean, stripped-down wine,” says Lechmere. This in turn led In Pursuit of Balance (IPOB), a group of California wineries that came together in 2011 concerned that too many US wines – particularly chardonnays – were overripe, over-oaked and excessively alcoholic.

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The Cranberries members reflect on life, music without Dolores O’Riordan

Today 09:54 GMT

Remembering Dolores O’Riordan, the tiny Irish woman with a big, big voice. The Cranberries were among the handful of female-fronted bands and the fact that their music still plays on the radio today is truly a testament to what they did to the music scene.

They filled us in about their time in the studio during the In the End sessions, the often forgotten history of The Cranberries, meeting passionate fans and overall how The Cranberries have been adjusting to life without O’Riordan.

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