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Source: Fox News

Jane Sanders' daughter runs for Bernie's old seat, amid college $$ controversy

Tuesday 14:32 GMT

When Carina Driscoll announced she was running for mayor of Burlington – the local Vermont office her stepfather Bernie Sanders once held – she was determined to be her own candidate.

“The partnership and the financial agreements were brought to the board by Jane Sanders and developed by Jane Sanders and Carina Driscoll,” said Moore, who presided over Burlington College’s 2016 demise and is now president of Columbia College in South Carolina.

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Source: New York Times

New York City Women Hoping to Ride Wave of Resistance to Elected Office

Friday 20:04 GMT

Emily’s List, a national organization dedicated to helping women win elected office, said 30,000 women had contacted them about running for office since the 2016 elections.

While collaborating with Ms. Crowley on an effort to get more women elected to the City Council, they noticed that the incumbent in Ms. Farias’s own district in the South Bronx was term-limited. Ms. Crowley encouraged Ms. Farias, 28, to consider running, even though to that point, she had never thought of doing so.

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