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Kavanaugh accuser has been 're-victimized' since coming forward, she says


One of the three women to accuse U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct said she is "disgusted and appalled" over criticism she has received from politicians and the media since coming forward with her story. Washington, D.C., resident Julie Swetnick, claimed in a sworn declaration released by her attorney, Michael Avenatti, that she witnessed a drunken Kavanaugh engaging in "highly inappropriate conduct" that included "fondling and grabbing of girls without their consent" during numerous house parties in the 1980s when Kavanaugh was in high school.

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Brett Kavanaugh hears first arguments as Supreme Court justice

Wednesday 20:03 GMT

Following weeks of contentious debate over sexual assault allegations, Tuesday marked Brett Kavanaugh's first full day as associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Brett Kavanaugh took the bench with his new Supreme Court colleagues for the first time Tuesday in a jovial atmosphere that was strikingly at odds with the tension and rancor surrounding his high court confirmation, the Associated Press reports.

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Source: The Guradian

‘Vile hatred, hero worship': Christine Blasey Ford faces an unsettling future

Thursday 02:26 GMT

Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who gave up her anonymity to publicly accuse Kavanaugh of attempting to rape her when the pair were teenagers, and whose powerful testimony to the Senate threatened to derail his nomination, remains in an undisclosed California location.

Ford has remained out of the public eye since her Senate testimony, and her attorneys declined to comment on Ford’s safety, security or future.

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Anita Hill: Kavanaugh confirmation hearing 'disservice to the American public'

Friday 01:31 GMT

Anita Hill said Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing was a “disservice to the American public”, in her first public remarks since he was confirmed to the supreme court on Monday after one of the most narrowly won confirmation proceedings in history.

Hill said the Senate judiciary committee’s response to Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation of sexual assault against Kavanaugh mirrored her own experience testifying against the then supreme court nominee Clarence Thomas in 1991.

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Trump blasts Eric Holder over ‘kick ‘em’ comment: ‘Disgusting statement’

Friday 14:33 GMT

President Trump, in an interview Thursday with “Fox & Friends,” rebuked Eric Holder for his call to “kick” Republicans and spurn civility, saying the Obama attorney general’s comments were “disgusting” and “dangerous.” “He better be careful what he’s wishing for,” Trump told Fox News.

Separately, Trump would not comment on a report that he had internal discussions about replacing Sessions, saying he wants to get through the election and then “we’ll see what happens.”

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