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Is It an Art Collective or a Vietnamese Ad Agency Yes and Yes.

Today 08:06 GMT

It raises the question: what is the Propeller Group anyway — three guys who constitute an art collective, or an art collective that used to be made up of three guys?

Were they, as Mr. Nguyen wrote in the museum show’s catalog, “an art collective pretending to be an advertising company, or an advertising company pretending to be an art collective?”

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Source: Fox News

Obama library's public cost estimated at $175M: report

Saturday 15:27 GMT

The planned Obama Presidential Center in Chicago is being privately funded, but on Friday city officials estimated how much taxpayers will pay for roadwork and other construction around the center: $175 million.

It was the first time city officials put a specific dollar figure on the expected cost to the public, the Chicago Tribune reported. “These proposed investments are intended to make the (center) and surrounding Jackson Park a world-class destination on par with Chicago’s Museum Campus,” the city’s Department of Transportation (CDOT) told the newspaper, in a statement accompanying the figures.

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Source: BBC

Wearable tech aids stroke patients

Today 07:00 GMT

"This technology to put sensors on the body to assess which muscle groups work or not can really pinpoint the areas affected by the stroke and can target therapies to specifically improve those issues," she told BBC News.

Details of the study were released at the recent annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Texas. The team developing the system says it could allow therapists to more closely monitor the effectiveness of their care.

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Source: Global News

‘Making a Murderer’: New documentary series to follow up on Netflix show

Saturday 08:06 GMT

Documentary filmmaker Shawn Rech of Transition Studios in Cleveland has lined up the financing and co-operation from key sources to produce what he is calling a followup to the hit 2015 Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer.

READ MORE: Wisconsin wants ‘Making a Murderer’ inmate Brendan Dassey to stay in jail. Rech’s previous documentary, 2014’s A Murder in the Park, examined the conviction of Alstory Simon, who was convicted of a double homicide in Chicago in 1982.

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Touched by gun violence, diverse group debates future of firearms in America

Thursday 13:39 GMT

As students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School push for gun control in Tallahassee in the wake of a shooting that claimed 17 lives, there is a nationwide reckoning over how to stop mass shootings and violence.

The group consists of Imran Yousuf, who was a bouncer at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the scene of a 2016 shooting massacre; Christine Leinonen, whose son was among the dozens who died in the Pulse tragedy; Austin Eubanks who survived the Columbine High School shooting; Cobe Williams, who witnessed gun violence throughout his life growing up in Chicago, and Kelsey and Toby Clark who both escaped the Las Vegas massacre – the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.

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