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Source: Global News

Andrew Scheer pitches Canadian oil to Indian PM Narendra Modi, touts trade ties

Thursday 01:33 GMT

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he told Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he will make India a core player in Canadian foreign policy considerations and energy exports if he becomes prime minister in 2019.

Modi didn’t meet with Trudeau until he was six days into his trip, but the Indian prime minister met with Scheer two days after his arrival in the Indian capital. Scheer met with Modi in New Delhi on Tuesday, less than two months after he announced that he would be going to India to “repair and strengthen” bilateral ties in the wake of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s troubled trip in February.

1 Article
Source: CTV

Andrew Scheer on new NAFTA deal: 'I would have signed a better one' than Trudeau

Monday 13:37 GMT

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is opening a new front in his party's fight against the revamped NAFTA deal, saying he would have done better than Justin Trudeau.

"The Liberals would like Canadians to believe that this is somehow NAFTA 2.0," Scheer told the House of Commons earlier this month. The pact's ink was barely dry when the Conservatives began portraying the Liberal performance at the negotiating table as a fumbling misplay that will cost Canadian businesses, consumers and workers.

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