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Stephen Colbert mocks Trump for 'cheat sheet' on how to react to shooting survivors

Saturday 11:48 GMT

Late-night hosts on Thursday discussed Donald Trump’s solutions to America’s gun violence problem, and the CNN town hall with survivors of the Parkland mass shooting.

“I mean, can you imagine what this country would be like if anyone could get a gun?”. “Now, obviously, all of this sound pretty grim, but Donald Trump has a message of hope,” Colbert said, before showing footage of Trump saying: “I think we need hardened sights. We need to let people know, ‘You come into our schools, you’re going to be dead.’”

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Finding the Source of ‘Dirty Money’

Friday 18:14 GMT

Documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney created the Netflix series and directed the episode focused on Volkswagen's emissions scandal

“Hard NOx,” the episode directed by Mr. Gibney, exposed Volkswagen AG’s use of monkeys when conducting its own emissions tests. Mr. Gibney talked with Risk & Compliance Journal about the series, his personal stake in the ongoing Volkswagen scandal and what compliance officers can learn from the selected cases.

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