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RCMP charge 2 from Ivory Coast over attempt to extort Tony Clement sexting scandal

Today 19:05 GMT

Following reports from several media outlets over the weekend, RCMP are now confirming charges have been laid against two individuals in connection with the investigation into efforts to extort 50,000 euros from Clement after he shared sexually explicit photos and videos last year with someone he said he believed was a consenting female, but who then demanded payment and threatened to release the images.

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Source: BBC

TV host jailed for interviewing gay man

Today 20:00 GMT

The TV host, who has voiced homophobic views on a number of occasions, spoke to a gay man who expressed regret over his sexuality and described life as a prostitute.

The prosecuting lawyer, Mr Sabry, accused the TV host of revealing there to be financial gains of "practising homosexuality", state-owned al-Ahram newspaper reports. In addition to the jail term and fine, the misdemeanours court also ordered Ghiety to be put under surveillance for one year after serving his sentence, Mr Sabry said.

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Source: Fox News

Two more rappers accuse Ariana Grande of copying their songs for '7 Rings' as she apologizes for racially charged remarks

Today 14:29 GMT

Grande has come into question recently for her use of African-American vernacular English (AAVE) as well her copious amounts of self-tanner, which the Italian American singer has been accused of using to seem racially ambiguous:. A rep for Grande did not immediately return Fox News' request for comment on her alleged copying or cultural appropriation.

He replied to a tweet in which Grande thanked her friends who were featured in the "7 Rings" video, writing, "Give me my credit. Period."

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Illegal immigrant expected to face murder charges in Nevada killing spree

Today 20:00 GMT

An illegal immigrant remained in custody Monday after being linked to four fatal shooting this month that spread fear through two northern Nevada neighborhoods unaccustomed to such violence.

Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam was asked at the news conference if Martinez-Guzman knew the victims through his occupation but he declined to say.

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U.S. Weaponizes Its Criminal Courts in Fight Against China and Huawei

Saturday 05:10 GMT

The federal pursuit of theft charges adds pressure on Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies Co. by further involving the criminal-justice system in the fight against China’s alleged encroachment on intellectual property.

In November, the U.S. said it indicted two companies in China and Taiwan on charges of stealing semiconductor-design secrets from Idaho-based chip maker Micron Technology Inc., based almost entirely on litigation that Micron had filed in California courts a year earlier.

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Source: DW

Dieselgate: Four Audi managers charged in the US over emissions scandal

Saturday 02:25 GMT

Four German managers at carmaker Audi were the latest to be charged in the United States as part of a diesel emissions cheating scandal.

A US grand jury in Detroit has indicted four Audi engineering managers from Germany on allegations of conspiracy, wire fraud and violations of the Clean Air Act. The indictment alleges the four men took part in nearly a decade-long conspiracy to deceive the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by cheating on emissions tests for 3-liter diesel engines.

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Escort who claimed she had dirt on Trump arrested in Moscow on prostitution charges

Sunday 15:24 GMT

A Belarusian model who claimed to have proof of President Trump’s campaign colluding with the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential election has been arrested in Moscow following her deportation from Thailand.

Deripaska, who is worth over $5 billion, is one of the Russian figures who was the target of U.S. sanctions in response to the Russian government’s actions such as the 2014 annexation of Crimea, support for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and attempting to interfere in elections across the world.

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US arrested Iranian journalist without charge

Sunday 01:28 GMT

A US court order has confirmed that a journalist working for Iran's Press TV was arrested in connection with a probe into "violations of US criminal law."

The Iranian government called for her immediate release, adding that she was an Iranian citizen due to her marriage to an Iranian man. "The arrest of Marzieh Hashemi by America is an unacceptable political act that tramples on freedom of speech," Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday.

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Source: ABC News

Man charged in alleged drugs-for-weapons deal with al-Qaeda-linked group

Saturday 20:54 GMT

According to the criminal complaint, Cardona arranged the alleged drugs-for-weapons trade with two confidential DEA sources in Madrid, where he described years of drug trafficking through the Sahara Desert and working with Islamic extremists.

Caliber rifles and night vision goggles using the same aircraft that delivered his cocaine to southern Europe, according to the complaint.

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Mom charged with child endangerment after video shows 2-year-old in car seat falling out of moving vehicle

Saturday 12:39 GMT

Authorities have formally charged a Minnesota mother after video shows her two-year-old daughter falling out of a moving vehicle onto a roadway while strapped in a car seat.

Maimuna Hassan of Mankato, Minn., was charged Thursday with child endangerment, failing to properly secure a child passenger restraint and a misdemeanor driver’s licence violation. Police in Mankato responded to a call on Monday reporting a child in the middle of a roadway after the toddler, still strapped to a car seat, had toppled out of the car as it rounded a bend in the road.

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White House denies Pelosi ‘leak’ charge, as details from Kabul cable raise questions over claim

Saturday 18:09 GMT

The White House on Friday adamantly denied House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that it leaked plans for a delegation's proposed commercial flight to Afghanistan, as details from a State Department cable cautioning her office about the trip raised further questions about the allegation.

Pelosi’s accusation appeared to be at least partially challenged by details of a cable sent by the State Department in Kabul to Washington recommending she postpone the travel.

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Source: The Guradian

Zimbabwean activists on run as protests crackdown raises spectre of Mugabe era

Saturday 17:14 GMT

Hundreds of activists remain in hiding in Zimbabwe, on the fifth day of the worst government crackdown since the ousting of Robert Mugabe.

Pastor Evan Marawire, a high-profile social media activist arrested on Wednesday, told reporters as he was brought to magistrates court that the crackdown was reminiscent of the Mugabe era. Mugabe’s authoritarian 37-year rule was ended in November 2017 by a military takeover, prompting widespread optimism that the repression of previous decades was over.

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