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Source: BBC

The curious rise of virtual celebrities

Friday 09:56 GMT

A different kind of internet celebrity is emerging; virtual characters that talk on YouTube or pose on Instagram like living, breathing people.

"It's a trend that's gained a lot of attention in the past year," says Minoru Hirota, who runs the Japanese virtual reality news website, Panora.

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Source: The Guradian

From zero to hero: how the Spider-Man franchise was saved

Friday 12:40 GMT

Created in 1962 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Peter Parker’s Spider-Man has long been a cultural icon, dominating both merchandise sales and the box office.

They’ve already announced a sequel to Spider-Verse (currently the best-reviewed Spider-Man film to date), which is sure to show us Miles as he gets more comfortable in his role as NYC’s hero. An all-female spin-off is also in the works, and will likely feature Spider-Gwen (who appears alongside Miles in Spider-Verse), among others.

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Source: DW

A mixed bag in the portrayal of LGBTQs in video games

Friday 14:29 GMT

The exhibition "Rainbow Arcade: Queer Video Game History 1985-2018" is on show at the Schwules Museum in Berlin from December 14, 2018 to May 13, 2019.

Those were some of the comments that circulated on the net when the trailer for the game The Last of Us, Part 2 was presented at E3, the world's most important video games show in Los Angeles in June 2018. "Thank you for incorporating LGBTQs [Editor's note: lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers] into your games as we are in real life: not unlike everyone else, very human, very real."

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The Making of a Computer-Generated Influencer

Friday 11:46 GMT

She is entirely fake, a computer-generated character who—despite what she says on Instagram—can’t feel the pain of a hangover or appreciate how hard it is to walk in stilettos.

If Miquela were human, her 1.5 million followers on Instagram could command about $12,000-$25,000 per post to promote a product, according to experts in influencer marketing. Like human influencers, Miquela posts photos showing herself at premium restaurants such as Blue Hill at Stone Barns in the New York City suburbs, which features a menu for January that costs more than $400 with drinks.

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Source: The Guradian

To Kill a Mockingbird hits Broadway after lawsuit over Aaron Sorkin’s script

Friday 18:11 GMT

Litigation from the estate of Harper Lee has forced the producers of the Broadway adaption of To Kill a Mockingbird, which opens on Thursday, to change their portrayal of Lee’s iconic lawyer Atticus Finch as a man who drinks alcohol, keeps a gun and curses mildly.

In March, a lawsuit from the late author’s estate had claimed that the script, which was written by Aaron Sorkin, departed from the spirit of the novel, in particular around the character of Atticus.

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