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Chaotic scenes as Nigel Farage's Brexit march sets off for London

Sunday 11:44 GMT

There were chaotic scenes as a march led by Nigel Farage left Sunderland to protest against perceived attempts to betray the will of the people over Brexit.

The campaign’s website says tickets to be “core marchers”, who paid £50 for overnight accommodation, breakfast and dinner for the duration of the 14-day event, have sold out.

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Brexit no-deal option looms as Theresa May blames divided Parliament

Thursday 16:21 GMT

Just eight days before Britain is due to leave the EU, May was making a last-ditch plea to the bloc’s 27 other leaders in Brussels to hand her a Brexit delay until June 30, a request she said was “a matter of personal regret” and one she firmly pinned on her country’s deeply divided parliament.

As Brexit is sapping EU resources, the leaders will also turn to other pressing issues on Thursday and Friday, including the state of their economies, ties with China, climate change and ringfencing the European elections from illegitimate interference.

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Secret Cabinet Office document reveals chaotic planning for no-deal Brexit

Today 14:29 GMT

Exclusive: paper says ‘critical phase’ could last months as fears rise over disruption to transport and food supplies. The extent and range of the impact of a no-deal Brexit is revealed in a confidential Cabinet Office document that warns of a “critical three-month phase” after leaving the EU during which the whole planning operation could be overwhelmed. The classified document, seen by the Guardian, sets out the command and control structures in Whitehall for coping with a no-deal departure and says government departments will have to firefight most problems for themselves – or risk a collapse of “Operation Yellowhammer”.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte