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Source: BBC

Tottenham: A glimpse inside Spurs' new £1bn state-of-the-art stadium

Sunday 23:39 GMT

Whereas Old Trafford, which reached its present capacity in 2007, is looking a bit frayed around the edges, the wonderful Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, as it will be called until the club concludes a naming rights deal, is state of the art.

When the stadium's 115 turnstiles were put to use for the first time at 13:00 GMT, there were hundreds in the queues, eager to get their tickets scanned, wanting to get their first glimpse of their new home.

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Source: The Guradian

Catch them while you can: Messi and Ronaldo will not be around for ever

Sunday 06:03 GMT

It would not have been the same had there been a Messi era and a Ronaldo era without them constantly overlapping.

The other day, as Lionel Messi seduced a stadium full of Real Betis fans with an explosively beautiful hat-trick, coming so soon after Cristiano Ronaldo carried Juventus onwards in the Champions League fuelled by his own theatrical charge, it was only natural to think about how lucky we are to love football at the same point in history that these two are playing, especially as so much is accessible, in real time, to be watched by anyone anywhere.

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