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Tourists chase an authentic Newfoundland welcome through ‘screech-in’ ceremony

Today 01:29 GMT

All eyes in the bar are on Brian Day as he dons a sou’wester rain hat and charms a small crowd with a performance he’s perfected over the years: the screech-in ceremony.

The ceremony has a dedicated song in the Broadway musical “Come From Away,” based on the true story of passengers welcomed to Newfoundland after an emergency landing following the 9/11 attacks. The ceremony’s appearance on Broadway and CNN means growing international interest, and more tourist dollars for local businesses – but the attention also contributes to the ceremony’s controversial mythology.

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Source: The Guradian

Oscars: the secrets of the Hollywood stylist

Sunday 06:03 GMT

In spite of having had only a fortnight’s notice that Paltrow would be appearing, 53-year-old Saltzman, her longtime stylist, had found her client the perfect dress.

Saltzman, a New York native who has lived in London for 18 years (but still works half her time in Los Angeles), stylist to A-listers including Saoirse Ronan, Uma Thurman and Lily Aldridge along with Paltrow, doesn’t “do drama”. “You frequently have to sew them back into a dress, or cut off the train because they’ve stepped through it, but there’s always a fix, and the world will never know,” she says.

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Source: BBC

Oscars to show awards live after backlash

Sunday 16:19 GMT

The organisers of the Oscars have reversed an earlier decision to hand out four awards during ad breaks after facing a major backlash.

This is not the first controversy to hit this year's awards ceremony - the Academy had decided to introduce a new popular film category but decided to postpone it after a backlash. The show will also have no main host after actor Kevin Hart pulled out following controversy over homophobic tweets.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte