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Source: Reuters

Diversity in the 'man cave': Boardrooms gain women as minorities lag

Thursday 06:05 GMT

In America’s corporate boardrooms, diversity is making uneven progress: Women increasingly are pulling up a chair while racial and ethnic minorities still rarely get seats at the table.

A BlackRock spokeswoman said via e-mail, “We encourage companies to think about multiple elements of diversity and we use a lack of women as a flag to trigger a deeper conversation about how a company thinks about diversity.”

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Source: Fox News

Extinct human species lived together in Siberian cave, new research shows

Saturday 15:25 GMT

Bones recently found in a Siberian cave have given researchers a new glimpse into the timeline of an extinct human species.

Denisova Cave is the only site so far discovered that contains their fossils or DNA (which has been extracted from the fossil teeth, bones and even the sediments in the cave), so we can only speculate about the former geographic distribution.

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