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Source: DW

What I learned scavenging for empty bottles for a day

Thursday 08:05 GMT

Many bottles and cans here carry a 25, 15 or 8-cent deposit that is refundable upon return to the supermarket, after which the receptacles are cleaned and reused or recycled.

People walking around and collecting bottles is not a replacement for social welfare," says Knecht, adding that surviving on bottle collecting alone is not possible.

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Source: The Guradian

Plague marching west: researchers study bats to stop their demise

Friday 08:05 GMT

Since white nose syndrome was discovered in eastern bats in a cave in New York in 2006, Canada has added three species of bats to its endangered list; the United States has added one and is considering two others.

“This study could tell us who’s susceptible and who’s not susceptible, and it may depend on where these bats are choosing to roost and to hibernate,” explains Sarah Olson, principle investigator on the project for the WCS.

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