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'I'm not a predatory lender': Derek Fisher goes from the NBA to player loans

Today 12:41 GMT

Derek Fisher began the month defending his credentials as the newly appointed head coach of the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks.

It was revealed last week that the five-time NBA champion and former coach of the New York Knicks is joining Luxury Asset Capital, a boutique lender and posh pawnbroker for clients who are loaded but not liquid. The company is launching a sports and entertainment division that seeks to woo athletes, offering short-term loans of about $50,000 to $5m using assets such as contracts, pensions, cars, watches, fine art and jewelry as collateral.

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Source: Global News

Airlines could have to pay cash for delays, re-book on competitors under new rules – but not yet

Tuesday 02:25 GMT

Airlines could soon be forced to pay passengers in cash for delays over three hours and re-book them on competing companies after nine.

Once the delays hit the nine-hour mark, airlines will be required to re-book passengers on flights with competing airlines. However, those rules will only apply in cases where the delays are deemed to be the responsibility of the airline.

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