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From ‘Aha!’ to zombies: the encyclopedia of Alan Partridge

Today 16:19 GMT

Z is for: Zeinab Badawi’s Twenty Hotels (a horse in Alan’s racing commentary, alongside Massive Bereavement, Onion Terror, Trust Me I’m a Stomach and Two Headed Sex Beast).

U is for: UK Conquest (cable channel on which Alan hosted military gameshow Skirmish); Ursula Andress (one of Alan’s celebrity crushes, along with Julia Bradbury and Anthea Turner); UB40 (Alan likes “the Britpop bands like UB40, Def Leppard”). The car Alan drove to Dundee in when he was “clinically fed up”.

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How parenthood foils STEM careers — and not just for women

Today 08:59 GMT

“These findings point to the importance of cultural shifts within STEM to value the contributions of STEM professionals with children and the need for creative organizational solutions to help these skilled STEM professionals navigate new caregiving responsibilities alongside their STEM work,” Cech said in a statement.

“The difficulty that these professionals may face in balancing caregiving responsibilities with full-time STEM employment suggests that this issue is a concern for the STEM workforce broadly and not just for the retention of women,” they wrote. “Thus, scholarly and policy literature framing child-rearing responsibilities as solely a women’s problem is short-sighted.”

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'Breakneck speed' mini moon hurtles around Neptune at 20,000mph

Thursday 15:25 GMT

The speck of a moon, no more than 21 miles across, hurtles around the distant gas giant at about 20,000 miles an hour, 10 times faster than our own moon circles Earth, scientists said.

The scientists first saw the moon in enhanced images from the Hubble space telescope, which showed the tiny body 65,000 miles away from Neptune. “This is the smallest known moon around the farthest known planet in the solar system,” said Mark Showalter, a senior research scientist at the Seti Institute, in Mountain View, California.

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Why BlacKkKlansman should win the best picture Oscar

Thursday 08:59 GMT

BlacKkKlansman fits into that continuum with its true-ish interpretation of Ron Stallworth’s time as an undercover cop – and its potent mix of historical fact and fiction, style, swagger and unpicking of current political ideology means its the obvious choice for this year’s best picture Oscar.

He’s not only delivered a timely lesson in how history repeats, but he’s also shown why he’s one of the few true cinematic heroes operating today.

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