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US briefing: Isis American, Andrew McCabe and Vatican abuse summit

Tuesday 12:40 GMT

The senior Vatican official who will lead a four-day summit on clerical sexual abuse has said the church’s credibility is “strongly at stake”. With more than 100 senior Catholic bishops arriving in Rome for the meeting, which begins on Thursday, Father Federico Lombardi said the issue must be tackled “with depth and without fear”.

Andrew McCabe, a former acting director of the FBI, has claimed Donald Trump dismissed US intelligence advice regarding the North Korean missile threat, choosing instead to believe the word of Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

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Brexit: Labour rift proves it cannot be relied on, Hunt tells EU

Wednesday 09:54 GMT

Jeremy Hunt has seized on Labour’s split, claiming to European foreign ministers it proved that only concessions to win round Conservative rightwingers will get the Brexit deal through the Commons.

The peeling away of seven MPs from the Labour party was said by Hunt on Monday to illustrate that the Brexit deal would only be saved by addressing Tory and DUP concerns about the “indefinite” nature of the Irish backstop, which could keep the UK in a customs union to avoid a hard Irish border.

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Could Huawei threaten the Five Eyes?

Thursday 18:10 GMT

It potentially leaves the UK between a rock and a hard place and is one more reason why the Huawei decision is placing strain on the historically close Five Eyes intelligence relationship.

Even though Huawei was kept out of the core of the network and sensitive systems, concerns over security and the growing use of Huawei by other companies led - a few years later - to the creation of a "cell" to evaluate the security of Huawei products coming into the UK.

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