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Miles From Flint, Residents Turn Off Taps in New Water Crisis

Friday 23:51 GMT

Now residents say they sense grim echoes of the ongoing crisis in a different part of this state, Flint: the bottled water, the finger-pointing, the hard-to-decipher test results.

Several nervous residents pointed out flaws in Michigan’s response in Flint, about 120 miles east, where the state’s environmental quality agency gave assurances about a 2014 change in the city’s water source that ultimately poisoned people with lead and put them at risk for Legionnaires’ disease.

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Toddler was clinging to life, then a transplant gave his family hope

Today 05:10 GMT

Bradley Blevins received a liver transplant this month at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston — a life-saving operation after three rounds of chemotherapy only left him in worse condition.

Dr. John Goss, medical director of transplant services and surgical director of liver transplantation at the hospital, performed the operation. Now Bradley is at home recovering, although he still has to do at least one more round of chemotherapy to ensure that the cancer is completely gone, Goss told TODAY, adding that Bradley's cancer is very rare, and there are only about 200 cases a year in the United States.

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‘Alcohol can cause cancer’: Yukon adds warning labels to liquor

Friday 23:51 GMT

In a new initiative, the Yukon government has partnered with researchers to take on excessive alcohol consumption by warning drinkers that the substance can cause cancer — specifically colon and breast cancers.

“It’s a great opportunity to greater understand if and how warning labels can increase awareness and knowledge,” Hobin explained. She says it could prompt a more comprehensive alcohol awareness program, one that could be similar to tobacco’s, which not only includes labels but also larger restrictions like bans etc.. “Around alcohol, we’ve sort of been silent about the health risks of alcohol, and the availability of alcohol is actually expanding in Canada instead of being restricted,” she explained.

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Canadian researchers team up to find a cure to childhood cancer

Friday 20:01 GMT

READ MORE: Saskatoon family appealing for more childhood cancer research funding. Thursday, researchers at the Children’s and Sainte-Justine Hospital announced they are taking part in a $16.4-million initiative to accelerate research breakthroughs in pediatric cancer treatment to hopefully find a cure.

The program is called Terry Fox PROFYLE (profile), or Precision Oncology for Young People, which is a collaboration of 20 Canadian research partners, pediatric cancer researchers, funding groups and the Terry Fox Research Institute.

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Source: BBC

Charity design concept Holiday House comes to London

Friday 11:47 GMT

Holiday House initially attracted talent in the design sector from across the US to transform the historic Academy Mansion on Manhattan’s Upper East Side differently every autumn.

I am based in Paris, so when I heard that Holiday House would take place in London for the first time, I did not hesitate to participate.” After attending Holiday House NYC in 2015, Maidenberg “was impressed and appreciated an event where designers use their creativity and talent to benefit such an important cause.

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Source: Washington Post

A grow-your-own pot boom: From young tokers to elderly cancer patients

Thursday 21:50 GMT

From young tokers to elderly first-timers to avid gardeners, the grow-your-own scene has bloomed since it became legal in 2015 to keep up to six plants at home.

Others are patients looking for cheaper alternatives to the medical dispensaries, which charge premium prices for medicinal marijuana not covered by insurance.

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Canadian PhD student makes groundbreaking cancer discovery

Thursday 20:01 GMT

A PhD candidate at Queen’s University has discovered a novel DNA binder that could “switch off” cancer cells and prevent them from spreading.

Miron, who has been working under the supervision of Dr. Anne Petitjean at Queen’s University and Dr. Jean-Louis Mergny at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology in Bordeaux, was honoured with the Mitacs Award for Outstanding Innovation – PhD yesterday in Ottawa.

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