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Buckner and Burns blunder their way into inglorious sporting immortality

Tuesday 22:49 GMT

Buckner managed to stop himself from punching the guy – “thank God for that” – but it was right around then that Buckner finally decided it was time to for him and his family to quit Massachusetts and move to Idaho.

Buckner had a 20-year career in Major League Baseball, turned out for five different sides, made 2,715 hits in 9,397 at-bats. But he’s famous for one thing – letting a ground ball hit by Mookie Wilson slip between his legs in the 10th innings of game six of the 1986 World Series.

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‘Milkman,’ by Anna Burns, wins 2018 Man Booker Prize

Wednesday 06:07 GMT

Burns, who lives in England, was born in Belfast and is author of two previous novels, “Little Constructions” and “No Bones,” which was shortlisted for the Orange Prize.

The Booker Prize was closed to Americans until 2014, when the eligibility rules were expanded to include writers beyond the Commonwealth, Ireland and Zimbabwe. Last year’s Booker Prize went to “Lincoln in the Bardo,” by American writer George Saunders.

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Source: BBC

Novel set in Troubles wins Man Booker Prize

Wednesday 20:01 GMT

Anna Burns has been named the winner of this year's Man Booker Prize - becoming the first author from Northern Ireland to triumph.

Milkman beat competition from Everything Under by Daisy Johnson - who, at 27, was the youngest nominee in Man Booker history. The other nominees were The Long Take by Robin Robertson, Washington Black by Esi Edugyan, The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner, and The Overstory by Richard Powers.

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Anna Burns wins Man Booker Prize for novel Milkman

Thursday 04:15 GMT

Northern Irish author Anna Burns on Tuesday became the first writer from her country to win Britain's esteemed Man Booker Prize for her novel Milkman.

Burns said she was "stunned" at receiving the Man Booker Prize, Britain's most prestigious literary award, having heard that the judges decision was unanimous. The 56-year-old said the idea of Milkman came to her in the image of a teenage girl walking down a street in a divided city while reading Ivanhoe, a British historical novel set in the 12th century.

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SEC Charges Former Insurance Wunderkind With Fraud

Thursday 19:07 GMT

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged a former insurance industry wunderkind with fraud, claiming he and an associate diverted more than $300 million from insurers they controlled and caused the companies to become insolvent.

The civil charges against Alexander Chatfield Burns, now 31 years old, include allegations that he and the associate “raided those insurance companies of their funds” and replaced them with assets that were either worthless or grossly overvalued, including a supposed Caravaggio painting “of questionable authenticity.”

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Canada’s pot party: Big demand, short supply, and stamps with no glue

Sunday 16:19 GMT

Once the pot producers dealt with CBNC to receive their stamps, they were likely dismayed to find that the stamps had no glue on them — and there was only one company in Canada that could affix glue to the stamps.

While it was a celebration of the first day of legal marijuana sales in Canada, few remarked on the fact that the pot they were smoking had to have been obtained illegally, since the online store in Ontario had not begun actually delivering yet.

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