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Source: The Guradian

Haul Myanmar’s military leaders before the international criminal court


The international criminal court exists to prevent such horrific acts of violence (as did its predecessors, the international criminal tribunals).

The Burmese military and Min Aung Hlaing have paid no meaningful price for their security operations, first described by the UN’s high commissioner for human rights as “textbook ethnic cleansing”, but more recently as a military campaign in which “you cannot rule out the possibility that acts of genocide have been committed”.

1 Article
Source: Fox News

Haley: UN Security Council has 'failed' to intervene for Burmese refugees

Thursday 00:37 GMT

Nikki Haley, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, condemned human rights abuses taking place in the Southeast Asian country of Burma during a United Nations Security Council meeting Tuesday.

The U.S. ambassador then took aim at the Security Council: “Unfortunately, the Security Council has so far failed in its responsibility to act in response to the clear threat to international peace and security that has resulted from recent events in northern Rakhine State.

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