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Source: BBC

The snow patrol drones saving skiers from an icy death

Today 05:09 GMT

"Our technology is ready to go, but we've had to put development on hold because the federal government will not allow civilian operators to fly weaponised drones over US soil," explains co-founder Brent Holbrook.

The Czech Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) uses Robodrone Kingfisher drones fitted with cameras and its own avalanche transceiver detection system to locate buried skiers. "We use drones fitted with a special system that works on the 457kHz frequency to detect avalanche transceivers," says MRS drone operator Marek Frys.

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Source: Fox News

Avalanche buries backcountry skier in Utah before dramatic rescue, helmet video shows

Friday 13:35 GMT

A backcountry skier buried by an avalanche in Utah over the weekend escaped death when a group of friends were able to dig him out.

“All the sudden I see this avalanche and I’m like, 'oh, slide!'”. Stevenson, a competitive backcountry skier, said he watched helplessly at the bottom of the avalanche as tons of snow carried his friend down the mountain.

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