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Source: CBS News

After a bruising week, Wall Street expected to open higher

Tuesday 11:48 GMT

Global stock markets rose Monday and Wall Street was expected to open higher after gains late Friday ended a turbulent week with a more upbeat mood.

WALL STREET: A late rally reversed steep losses Friday and lifted the Dow Jones industrial average more than 300 points. India's Sensex advanced 0.6 percent to 34,192.50 and benchmarks in Taiwan, Singapore and Bangkok also gained.

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Source: Fox News

Mom saves daughter's life by Googling her symptoms, coming up with rare cancer

Monday 21:52 GMT

A vigilant mother saved her child’s life when she realized her daughter's bruises were an indication of blood cancer she had read about after Googling the symptoms.

When the 30-year-old mother read the story of 13-year-old James O'Mara, who died just a week after being diagnosed with blood cancer and had bruises and red marks on his skin, it reminded Laura of her daughter's similar marks. "If it wasn't for me stumbling across that article, then we would never have gone to the doctors, and who knows whether or not she would have pulled through," Handley shared with SWNS.

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