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Boeing’s earnings report brings the 737 Max debacle into focus

Today 04:14 GMT

The 737 Max aircraft, the fourth and latest major iteration of Boeing’s storied 737 family, was grounded world-wide in March following two fatal crashes less than five months apart.

Boeing Co. is scheduled to report first-quarter earnings before the bell on April 24, with Wall Street focusing on the company’s 737 program and the ripple effects that two fatal crashes and the planes’ grounding continue to have on the company’s bottom line.

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Source: Fox News

Kanye West brings Sunday service to Coachella for Easter

Sunday 21:48 GMT

As promised, Kanye West brought his “Sunday Service” to Coachella on Easter morning, as dozens of musicians, singers and dancers performed a set of spiritual songs, covers and songs by the rapper himself — including a new one called “Water” — for an audience of thousands from a hilltop on the festival grounds in Indio, Calif.

While he rapped briefly on a couple of songs, West was generally the ringleader of the service, as he has been on previous incarnations in California and Oregon since he began leading the service early in January.

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