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Berlin and beyond: Building bridges

Saturday 14:31 GMT

Send Facebook Twitter Google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. It's a cliche alright, but as I stand on the banks of Berlin's Spree River looking up at the Kanzleramtssteg, or chancellor's bridge, a certain Simon and Garfunkel song snakes through my mind.

In Berlin and beyond, British-born Tamsin Walker takes a closer look at some of the quirks and perks of life in Germany, which has been her home for almost 20 years.

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Source: New York Times

Donald Lynden-Bell, Quasar and Black Hole Expert, Dies at 82

Thursday 15:27 GMT

Donald Lynden-Bell, a British theoretical astrophysicist who pioneered research into cosmic quirks like quasars and black holes and with colleagues contradicted the prevailing premise that the universe is expanding evenly, died on Feb. 6 at his home in Cambridge, England.

Dr. Lynden-Bell, an expert in applying mathematical formulas to physics, was a past president of the Royal Astronomical Society and the first director of the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge.

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