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The guardians of the forest

Sunday 23:41 GMT

Da Silva is a member of the Amazon's Guajajara tribe in the Brazilian state of Maranhão and the leader of an armed group of Indigenous forest protectors called the Guardians of the Forest.

Claudio da Silva and the Guajajara Guardians of the Forest ride up the Caru River to investigate a report of illegal cutting on Guajajara land | (Sam Eaton/Courtesy PRI's The World). "If we go looking in our territory, we always find illegal things going on," da Silva says before we leave.

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Source: DW

Is there a right-wing surge in South America?

Sunday 04:15 GMT

Nevertheless, given the conservative governments of Macri in Argentina, Pinera in Chile, Duque in Colombia and possibly soon Bolsonaro in Brazil, many observers are asking the question whether these developments could be described as a surge of right-wing conservativism across Latin America.

Mariana Llanos, a researcher on Latin America at the Hamburg-based German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), believes it is too early to speak of a "new right" in Latin America. She says that Pinera is doing no more than spinning yarns about Bolsonaro's supposedly correct economic course, as the candidate has yet to "present a strategy that consists of more than just cutbacks."

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'I don't see any reason for feminism': the women backing Brazil's Bolsonaro

Sunday 23:40 GMT

“I really don’t see any reason for feminism today — men and women are equal in Brazil,” said Ana de Moraes, 56, a retired lawyer who intends to vote for Bolsonaro on 28 October.

When Bolsonaro supporters held their own demonstrations, his son, Eduardo, pronounced: “Rightwing women are prettier than leftwing women. And far from warming up to feminism, Bolsonaro and his supporters doubled down with their attacks.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte