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ThyssenKrupp beats earnings forecast despite net loss

Friday 07:01 GMT

Better than expected business in its material services and elevators unit have helped the German steelmaker beat full-year earnings forecasts, despite a net loss related to the sale of a steel mill in Brazil.

Send Facebook Twitter Google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. ThyssenKrupp, which makes products ranging from submarines to car parts to elevators, reported earnings in its material services unit more than doubled over the year to €312 million, thanks to a recovery in material prices.

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How science is working to turn sugarcane into a fuel source for jet travel

Thursday 09:57 GMT

ASTM International, a global standards development organization, has approved a 50-50 blend of petroleum-based jet fuel and hydroprocessed renewable jet fuel for commercial and military flights.

Sugarcane is a well-known biofuel source: Brazil has been fermenting sugarcane juice to make alcohol-based fuel for decades. Ethanol from sugarcane yields 25% more energy than the amount used during the production process, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 12% compared to fossil fuels.

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