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Floral Arrangements Inspired by Great Art

Tuesday 17:15 GMT

Floral designer Lindsey Taylor tries her hand at translating a piece of fabric art into a tightly woven arrangement. For October’s arrangement, floral designer Lindsey Taylor riffs on Georgia O’Keeffe’s study of non-stereotypical fall colors. A voluptuous oil portrait, ‘Julia, Lady Peel (1827),’ by Sir Thomas Lawrence, inspires floral designer Lindsey Taylor to revisit the art of the seasonal arrangement. Floral designer Lindsey Taylor riffs on a springy 1917 Japanese woodblock print, ‘Rain While the Sun Is Shining’.

1 Article
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Man's first day of work goes hilariously wrong

Friday 15:26 GMT

“One of the publishers we work with came in for a meeting with us this morning and brought me this ... and she was pregnant,” he quipped on Twitter on Feb. 13, sharing a photo of himself smiling with another bright bouquet.

We’ve all had those new job jitters, but the silly story that emerged from one California man’s particularly hilarious first day of work has gone massively viral on social media.

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