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Barack Obama's '44' bomber jacket wins praise on Twitter, has fans wondering where it came from

Friday 16:21 GMT

In recent days, President Barack Obama had fans and fashionistas alike going wild over his latest look: a black bomber jacket embroidered with “44” on the left sleeve.

“You may be cool but you will never be former President Barack Obama at the Duke versus North Carolina game wearing an all black bomber jacket with an embroidered number 44 on the sleeve, cool,” another agreed. “CAN WE TALK ABOUT OBAMA’S ALL BLACK OUTFIT WITH THE BOMBER JACKET WITH “44” MONOGRAMMED ON THE SLEVE (sic) BECAUSE THATS PRESIDENTIAL LEVELS OF SAUCE,” one shouted.

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Air Force revs up production of precision bomb dubbed 'world’s largest sniper'

Friday 21:50 GMT

The Air Force is revving up production of the air-dropped, precision-guided BLU-129 bomb increasingly in demand by warzone commanders - so accurate, lethal and precise, it is called “the world’s largest sniper accuracy.” The often-requested weapon, described as an adaptable carbon fiber bomb, is specially engineered to control “field effects” and create low collateral damage resulting from air attacks.

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US soldier wounded in suicide attack sues Army contractor who employed bomber

Friday 17:15 GMT

A U.S. soldier who suffered serious brain injuries and shrapnel wounds to his chest in a suicide bombing two years ago in Afghanistan is now suing the American defense contractor that employed the bomber.

“Fluor's negligent supervision of the bomber enabled the bomber's attack against the Army,” said the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Greenville, South Carolina, one of Fluor's U.S. locations. It added that “Fluor well knew that in Afghanistan, and on American military bases, in particular, suicide bombers were a constant and dire threat.”

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