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Air Force fast-tracks new deep strike bunker buster bomb


The Air Force is taking the next steps to test, develop and produce a new class of “more penetrating” bunker buster weapons to enable aircraft to destroy a new level of fortified underground targets.

Available Air Force information explains that some of the A2K developments have been refined through the service’s Legacy Warhead Improvement program; this effort includes engineering a "fuze protection ring assembly was developed and implemented into Air Force production.

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Source: Global News

Bombardier CEO ends silence on layoffs, defends the move

Wednesday 23:40 GMT

READ MORE: Bombardier defends CEO’s absence from special meeting following layoffs. Quebec Economy and Innovation Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon called a special meeting of industry and union representatives in Montreal Monday to discuss the layoffs and find a path back to employment for affected workers.

Bombardier shares fell to a new 52-week low, losing 20 cents or eight per cent at $2.30 in early afternoon trading.

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Source: Reuters

Adecco chief calls for life-long learning to dodge jobs 'time bomb'

Friday 10:51 GMT

Companies should set up portable accounts to pay for life-long learning to help workers upgrade their skills and remain employable as robots take over more jobs, Adecco Group (ADEN.S) Chief Executive Alain Dehaze said.

The 55-year-old Belgian who has led Switzerland-based Adecco Group since 2015 said its customers - employers who take on temporary and permanent staff - want more flexible and more skilled workers.

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The ‘Prosperity Bomb’ of an Amazonian Invasion

Friday 11:46 GMT

Restaurants and new infrastructure are likely to follow—what some Seattleites call the Amazon prosperity bomb—but the invasion of workers will also bring headaches like traffic jams and a jump in housing prices.

Much so that Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said last week, when The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon was splitting HQ2 in two, that was “good news.”

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Argentina arrests 12 'anarchists' in bomb attacks ahead of G20

Friday 18:12 GMT

Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. It is not known if the bomb attacks were related to the arrest of a man who interfered with the communications system at one of the capital's two main airports on Sunday.

Beverly Keene from Confluencia Fuera G20, an alliance of G20 critics, called on "the entire population to massively protest against the G20's policies of austerity, poverty, looting, contamination, misery and death." Keene decried the center-right government of Argentine President Mauricio Macri for criminalizing groups planning on protesting world leaders: "We are not enemies, nor terrorists.

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Bombardier executive stock plan under the microscope by Quebec’s securities regulator

Saturday 02:25 GMT

Quebec’s financial market regulator is reviewing Bombardier Inc.’s executive compensation plan, calling on the plane-and-train maker to suspend all related trades just hours after Quebec’s premier expressed lukewarm hopes about the future of the beleaguered company’s commercial aerospace operations.

The Autorité des marchés financiers announced Thursday afternoon it is looking into how Bombardier implemented its Automatic Stock Disposition Plan, rolled out last August.

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Source: The Guradian

Afghanistan suicide bomber kills scores of Muslim scholars

Today 02:25 GMT

A suicide bomber in Kabul has killed over 40 people and injured dozens more, setting off his explosives in a crowd of religious scholars marking the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

There is little sense the Taliban share that urgency, and no indication that increasingly aggressive Isis forces have any interest in even pursuing negotiations.

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Source: BBC

Dozens die as Kabul bomber targets clerics

Today 02:25 GMT

A suicide bomb attack on a gathering of religious scholars in the Afghan capital, Kabul, has killed at least 43 people, officials say.

Casualty figures for the conflict, which began in 2001, are the highest since the UN started keeping records in 2009.

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