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Source: The Guradian

Blood tales: the magic liquid that keeps us alive

Saturday 21:49 GMT

The refusal was medical, not personal: making blood safe is an ongoing challenge when viruses don’t announce themselves before arriving to infect us; and when people are still dying from the contaminated blood scandal of the 1980s, with haemophiliacs and others given blood products along with HIV and hepatitis C. Deferrals and refusals – along with the scientific wizardry of processing – are our best defence.

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Source: The Guradian

Porn not only messes with young men’s minds, but their bodies too

Today 06:04 GMT

In a twisted way, male porn stars almost become role models, with impressionable young minds going away with the feeling that porn doesn’t just portray a certain kind of sex (an option), but, rather the only kind of sex worth having.

There’s been much concern about the effect of net porn on young minds, including director-campaigner Beeban Kidron’s 2013 documentary, InRealLife. What’s striking is that this is one of the first generations to be overloaded from an early age with easily accessible hardcore internet porn.

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Trump praises Republican congressman for body slamming journalist

Friday 20:01 GMT

Greg Gianforte apologizes to journalist for ‘body slamming’ him before election. At the rally, which took place in Montana, Trump said: “Any guy who can do a body slam, he’s my guy,” while mimicking the physical motion of a body slam.

Trump says ‘it certainly looks’ like Khashoggi is dead, warns of ‘severe’ consequences. This is the first time as president that Trump has openly and directly praised a violent act against a journalist on American soil, although he commonly attacks what he calls the “fake news” media, such as CNN and NBC.

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Source: Reuters

At least 59 killed as train hits crowd in northern India

Saturday 19:05 GMT

A commuter train traveling at high speed ran through a crowd of people on the rail tracks in northern India killing at least 59 people on Friday, state officials said, making it India’s worst rail disaster this year.

Video footage from the scene showed hundreds had gathered to watch the burning of an effigy as part of the Dussehra festival celebrations, when a commuter train ran through the crowd.

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