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Source: Fox News

Boston hotel union blasts Dodgers for staying in hotel where employees are on strike

Today 10:53 GMT

Union members employed at seven Marriott properties in Boston have been on strike for three weeks to demand better pay, benefits and more job security, the Boston Herald reported.

The Houston Astros, who lost to Boston in the American League Championship series, stayed in a non-striking hotel.

1 Article
Source: Fox News

Panthers' Eric Reid blasts Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins over anthem protests

Monday 18:10 GMT

Carolina Panthers defensive back Eric Reid, a former teammate of Colin Kaepernick, confronted Philadelphia Eagles player Malcolm Jenkins on the field near the Eagles’ logo before their game.

The bad blood between the two stems from Reid splitting from Jenkins’ The Players Coalition after the organization sought to have the protests during the national anthem stopped if the NFL made donations to causes the group supports.

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