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Source: ABC News

Major blast of cold air moves into Northeast after winter storm delivers snow, ice

Today 13:34 GMT

A powerful storm continues to move through the Northeast on Sunday, after it brought up to 15 inches of snow in the Midwest and three reported tornadoes in the South.

Behind the storm is the very cold air that is already moving into the Midwest and is on the way to the Northeast, where new wind chill alerts have been issued for many major Northeast cities. Additional snowfall on Sunday is expected to be confined mainly to the interior Northeast, with over 12 more inches of snow still to come in parts of New York, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire.

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Source: CTV

Canada braces for extreme cold as wintry blast hits this weekend

Saturday 19:59 GMT

Toronto has been warned of snow and bitterly cold temperatures, with wind chill levels dropping as low as -30 C with moderate winds.

Environment Canada said a low-pressure system approaching from the southwest will track across the Bay of Fundy, dumping between 20 and 60 centimetres of snow across much of the province. New Brunswick's Department of Public Safety said residents should have well-stocked, 72-hour emergency kits in their homes and vehicles.

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Source: The Guradian

Bogotá blast blamed on one-armed bomb expert linked to rebel group

Saturday 15:24 GMT

Colombian authorities said that a one-armed explosives expert belonging to the country’s last remaining rebel group carried out a car bombing against a police academy that left 21 dead and more than 70 wounded.

Duque has demanded the ELN cease all attacks and kidnappings as a condition for restarting the talks and has condemned Venezuela and Cuba for allegedly providing a safe haven for rebel leaders even as their troops continue to sow violence in Colombia.

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