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‘We have to try’: the migrants who brave frostbite in a desperate trek over the Alps

Sunday 18:09 GMT

On Friday morning, as skiers glided under a flawless blue sky down the resplendent slopes of Claviere, a tiny Italian ski resort on the French border, four migrants were contemplating their next move.

The Dublin agreement definitely needs to change but, in general, leaders need to be less egotistical and more compassionate.”

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America’s biggest meat producer wants to take a bite out of the vegetarian market

Tuesday 08:03 GMT

Tyson Foods, the maker of hot dogs, steak strips, and chicken nuggets, announced last week it plans to debut a vegan protein this year, marking its foray into the plant-based meat market as the demand for vegan options reaches an all-time high.

Read: Beyond Meat is going public: 5 things you need to know about the plant-based meat maker. Vegan products including jackfruit, black bean burgers, mushroom mince and cauliflower are becoming popular substitutes for barbecue meats such as steak and sausage.More brands continue to show interest in the growing category.

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Source: Fox News

Why Kate Middleton skipped Meghan Markle's royal baby shower

Thursday 15:25 GMT

MEGHAN MARKLE FACES SCRUTINY, FAMILY WOES NINE MONTHS AFTER BLISSFUL ROYAL WEDDING. It could also be that the duchesses simply aren't that close: Markle and Harry missed Middleton's birthday celebrations last month, but royal reps have staunchly denied that the ladies are feuding.

MEGHAN MARKLE'S FAMILY DRAMA LIKELY TO WORSEN AFTER BIRTH OF ROYAL BABY, EXPERT WARNS. A royal source told The Sun that William and Middleton likely went to their favorite ski resort, the Courchevel in the Troi Vallees in France, while Markle parties across the pond.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte