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This bipartisan proposal aims to end age discrimination for a graying workforce

Sunday 09:54 GMT

The Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act (or POWADA, for short) would reverse a Supreme Court decision from 2009 that made it harder to claim age bias for a layoff or demotion.

“We are looking to restore the legal rights older workers have had prior to the Supreme Court decision, so they’re treated no differently,” Martin Firvida said.

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AOC's disastrous 'Green New Deal' is jeopardizing bipartisan attempts to actually help our environment

Thursday 03:19 GMT

Voters will have a choice between the job-killing socialism offered by Ocasio-Cortez, and President Trump’s free-market approach that has helped make America into the greatest country on Earth.

The Green New Deal is now overshadowing real bipartisan legislation that would actually reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Sen. John Barasso, R-Wyo., introduced the Utilizing Significant Emissions with Innovative Technologies Act (USE IT Act) which offers $50 million in financial incentives for carbon-capture research and infrastructure, such as innovative systems that take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and smokestacks.

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Green New Deal rollout rattles both sides of climate change debate

Today 14:30 GMT

Die-hard skeptics of climate change believe the rollout of the Green New Deal, with its plans for wealth redistribution, high taxes, and a massive transition to a carbon neutral economy, was a tipoff to a hidden agenda.

A LOOK AT THE ECONOMIC AND CLIMATE CONCEPT PUSHED BY PROGRESSIVES. "The climate debate has been driven for years by the edges of each party," said Jason Grumet, president of the Bipartisan Policy Center. "Having a more aggressively unrealistic left edge to contradict the irresponsible right edge is not likely to create the kind of consensus that’s necessary to have meaningful change."

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