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Big meets bigger: 6ft 10in John Isner falls to 7ft Reilly Opelka at Australian Open

Tuesday 12:39 GMT

On Monday at the Australian Open the 6ft 10in Isner lost to the 7ft Reilly Opelka, despite hitting more aces than his opponent (47-40), delivering more winners (79-64) and finishing with more points (147-142).

Opelka, ranked 97th in the world, earned his first victory in a main-draw match at any of the majors by edging the No9-seeded Isner 7-6, 7-6, 6-7, 7-6, with all four sets going to tiebreak.

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This may be an even bigger issue for Netflix than the $2-a-month price hike

Wednesday 04:14 GMT

Evynn McFalls loves movies and television, but he’s been watching Netflix less of late — and now he’s thinking of giving it up altogether.

“I just don’t know if it’s really worth the time suck of endless scrolling or the money,” the 27-year-old New York City-based marketing professional told MarketWatch, hours after news broke that the content streaming giant was making its largest subscription rate increase to date, with its most used plan going to a $13 monthly price from $11.

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Amazon Echo Show (2nd gen) review: bigger and better smart display

Wednesday 04:14 GMT

The new second generation Echo Show is bigger with a better display, but is size enough to keep Amazon ahead of stiff competition from Google?

The Echo Show is one of the better-sounding smart speakers available, coming somewhere in between the Echo and the brilliant Sonos One or more expensive Apple HomePod. The new Show has an integrated smart home hub, which means you can connect smart bulbs, switches and other devices that use the Zigbee wireless protocol straight to the Amazon device without the need for another hub.

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Bigger Gold Companies Still Aren’t Glitterati

Wednesday 08:05 GMT

Bigger companies with more market power make sense in a fragmented industry where margins have been under pressure for years.

Newmont and Goldcorp together produced less than 10 million troy ounces of gold in fiscal year 2017, in turn less than one-tenth of global production in 2017, according to the World Gold Council. Compare that with iron ore, for instance, where just three companies control about 60% of the seaborne market.

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Why bigger things could be ahead for David Wagner, Huddersfield Town's departing miracle man

Wednesday 13:36 GMT

Despite Huddersfield's lowly league position, his stock has undoubtedly risen during his time in Yorkshire and he must surely feel ready for a shot at a bigger club, either in the Premier League or back home in Germany.

Despite their tribulations over the past calendar year – Huddersfield would have been relegated last season had their pre-Christmas form not been so good –  a day after the move was announced, Terriers Chairman Dean Hoyle was adamant the German had not been fired.

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New footage shows Dems at swanky 'cocktail reception' in Puerto Rico amid government shutdown

Thursday 20:01 GMT

New footage has emerged of congressional Democrats enjoying a swanky cocktail party in Puerto Rico in the midst of the partial government shutdown.

'WE SHOULD BE NEGOTIATING': CRENSHAW QUESTIONS DEMS' PUERTO RICO TRIP AMID SHUTDOWN. The BOLD PAC has been largely mum on which Democrats attended the trip, but it has since emerged that New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez and New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, were also present.

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Iron disease 'bigger threat than we knew'

Friday 08:59 GMT

Mrs Jones's husband Brian is now undergoing testing to see if he too has haemochromatosis, which would help to indicate whether their daughters, aged 10 and 13, carry the gene or have the condition.

A "stealth disease" which can cause liver failure, diabetes and severe arthritis may be much more common than previously thought, research has shown. Genetic disorder Haemochromatosis causes the body to absorb too much iron from food and can lead to serious complications if left untreated.

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Netflix thinks ‘Fortnite’ is a bigger competitor than other streaming services

Friday 16:21 GMT

Don’t miss: How ‘Fortnite’ cracked the code to become the most successful free videogame ever. That is quite a change from just a year ago, when Netflix talked about all the new competitors in streaming in its quarterly letter and didn’t mention any other type of service than streaming video.

Netflix Inc. has an ever-evolving view of its competitive landscape, and the current approach treats the popular online videogame “Fortnite” as more of a rival than HBO.

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