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Rubbernecking German drivers could be hit by bigger fines

Today 20:00 GMT

German politicians are considering raising fines to almost €2,000 (£1,777) for drivers who fail to give way for emergency vehicles after a study found four out of five ambulance deployments were held up by an average of five minutes when trying to get through traffic.

Drivers’ failure to move aside to form a “rettungsgasse” or rescue lane in the middle of the road – a key rule to German motorway driving which motorists are taught when learning to drive – has been blamed on drivers looking at the incidents and filming them on their mobile phones.

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Countries Push to Extract More Cash from Big Mining Companies

Tuesday 13:36 GMT

After campaigning on a promise to carve out a bigger stake in resources for the state, the leader nicknamed “the Bulldozer” canceled mining licenses for many companies, raised royalty payments and accused Barrick Gold’s subsidiary, Acacia Mining PLC, of underreporting gold and copper production, leading to its $190 billion bill for unpaid taxes, penalties and interest.

From Congolese jungles to Indonesian highlands, a struggle is raging between governments and major mining companies over control of commodities vital to the production of everything from steel to electric cars to smartphones.

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