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Source: The Guradian

Homeland: Claire Danes sulks her way through more relentless catastrophising

Saturday 11:49 GMT

Once one of the most lavishly praised shows on TV, now Homeland is suffering from an identity crisis, having transitioned from the smash-bang hyperactivity of 24 to a slo-mo snoozefest in which ex-CIA operative Carrie (Claire Danes) yells things like: “The country is in freefall, [it’s] tearing itself apart,” before taking herself off to bed in a huff.

This, at least, will please set designers who won’t have to endure the humiliation of specially hired graffiti artists daubing “Homeland is racist” in Arabic on their sets a second time.

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Source: The Guradian

Jokhang temple: fire engulfs ancient 'heart' of Tibetan Buddhism

Today 03:19 GMT

A large fire has damaged one of the holiest and most politically sensitive sites in Tibet, the Jokhang temple, stirring an outpouring of grief and concern among Tibetans.

However, Robert Barnett, a London-based expert on contemporary Tibet, said Beijing’s “almost total suppression of information” about the incident meant many Tibetans feared “the heart of Tibetan Buddhism” had suffered significant damage. For almost four hours after the fire began, he said, it was not even acknowledged by China’s heavily controlled media, “even though you could see it from miles away across the whole city”.

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Source: Washington Post

Maryland farm has a notable, and notorious, history

Sunday 17:15 GMT

Before being called Magruder Farm, the property had gone by several names, including Springfield, the Maples and Iler Farm.

Since arriving in Maryland from Scotland in 1651, the Magruder family has made significant contributions to the history of Montgomery County. The first Magruder to arrive was Alexander Magruder, whose ancestors were members of the MacGregor clan in Scotland.

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Source: Washington Post

Leonard Silverstein, Washington tax lawyer and arts patron, dies at 96

Friday 21:52 GMT

Leonard L. Silverstein, a Washington lawyer and arts patron who started a series of prominent tax-law guidebooks and became a member of the city’s cultural and fundraising firmament, died Feb. 14 at his home in Bethesda, Md.

Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwean pro-democracy leader who opposed Mugabe, dies at 65. Anne Treisman, pathbreaking psychologist who developed a theory of perception, dies at 82

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