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Boring office wellness alternatives that actually work

Today 03:19 GMT

From free snack bars to fridges stocked with chilled beers, gym memberships and time off for travel, more businesses are offering corporate wellness perks to attract and retain employees.

But, says Cartwright, instead of trying to make the office more like a home, employers should let people work from their own homes. “Most people that do flexible working do longer hours and feel a sense of gratitude to their employer,” she says.

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Wall Street Week Ahead: Profit estimates may be adding in too much...

Monday 08:58 GMT

As Wall Street braces for the first quarterly decline in earnings in nearly three years, some investors are wondering if the market is factoring in a bigger erosion in profit margins than will actually come to pass.

“When the overall economy is relatively strong, that typically means there’s still sufficient demand for products and it helps stabilize margins in general,” said Keith Lerner, chief market strategist atSunTrust Advisory Services in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Is dark chocolate good for you?

Sunday 22:44 GMT

It might sound too good to be true, but dark chocolate (enjoyed as part of a balanced diet) can have some health benefits.

Dark chocolate is a rich, bitter chocolate that is typically made of cocoa solids, sugar and cocoa butter (and doesn't contain any milk). We asked nutritionist Nicola Shubrook to explain its nutritional profile, plus how to buy the best dark chocolate.

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'Abuse of corporate power': Bill de Blasio slams Amazon for cancelling HQ2 deal

Monday 17:14 GMT

New York mayor Bill de Blasio, mulling a presidential run, sought on Sunday to burnish his progressive credentials by accusing Amazon of caring only about “corporate image” when it abruptly decided to pull out of building its second headquarters, or HQ2, in Long Island City. The tech giant’s decision, de Blasio said, was “arbitrary and unfair to working people”.

Speaking to NBC’s Meet the Press, the mayor said Amazon walked away from a “good, fair deal” and committed an “abuse of corporate power” when it announced on Thursday it would cancel the project without further negotiation, informing city and state leaders in a post on its website.

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