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A higher Social Security retirement age comes with risks for many...

Today 00:35 GMT

According to an economist at the Urban Institute who specializes in employment and retirement decisions made by older Americans, raising the retirement age would inflict serious harm on roughly one-quarter of Social Security beneficiaries.

The retirement age debate usually focuses on the FRA, but Johnson focuses mainly on whether the early retirement age should be increased. “Is there a certain number of years of life we want to finance in retirement that we maintain by shifting that period later?”

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Source: The Guradian

Dr Dust: the man who discovered a hidden black lung epidemic

Today 00:36 GMT

Though Crum watched his grandfather die a drawn-out death from black lung and his father also suffers from the disease, he did not decide to become a doctor to work on black lung.

Some of the things coal company doctors come up with to fight a claim are so absurd black lung advocates call them “ABBL” – or “anything but black lung” – disease.

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Source: BBC

Cruises and hotels boost Tui profits

Thursday 16:20 GMT

A rise in hotel and cruise bookings has helped European travel group Tui sail through another year with more than 10% growth in profits.

There was strong growth in demand for cruises, hotels and holiday "experiences", which together account for 70% of Tui's earnings. The firm said customers were paying more for extra activities while at their holiday destination, such as jungle trails, city tours and cultural experiences.

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Jobless claims sink 27,000 to 206,000, blots out Thanksgiving surge that was just a blip

Today 00:35 GMT

The numbers: The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits plunged by 27,000 in early December to 206,000, erasing a surge around Thanksgiving that now appears to have been a temporary blip triggered by an earlier-than-usual holiday.

What happened: New applications for unemployment benefits fell to a seasonally adjusted 206,000 from 233,000 in the seven days ended Dec. 8, marking the lowest level in two and a half months.

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Follow this company to profit from hemp, not marijuana, becoming legal

Thursday 20:56 GMT

However, its cousin hemp is due to become legal at the federal level based on the farm bill that was passed by Congress on Wednesday.

Once hemp becomes federally legal, companies such as Coke, PepsiCo PEP, -0.25%  and Keurig Dr Pepper KDP, -0.65% are more likely to jump into CBD-infused drinks.

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