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Source: DW

Strike to shut Belgian airspace, paralyze public transport

Wednesday 17:16 GMT

Belgium's air traffic control authority said on Tuesday it was forced to close the country's airspace between Tuesday 10 p.m. CET (2100 UTC) and the same time on Wednesday.

Above that altitude, a control center in the Dutch city of Maastricht will control aircraft flying above Belgian territory. No aircraft flying below 8,000 meters — the area controlled by skeyes — will be allowed to fly over Belgium.

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Source: BBC

All Belgium flights scrapped on Wednesday

Thursday 08:05 GMT

All flights in and out of Belgium have been cancelled on Wednesday due to strike action, the country's air traffic control has announced.

Above 7,500m (24,600 ft), flights are co-ordinated with the aid of Europe-wide air traffic control organisation Eurocontrol.

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