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Bear in Washington that survived burns from wildfire was shot, killed by hunter, officials say

Today 07:00 GMT

A black bear named Cinder nearly lost her life after suffering severe burns following a wildfire that ravaged parts of Washington state in 2014.

Now, the animal — whose rehabilitation story made national headlines and inspired a children's e-book — was reportedly found shot by a hunter who cut off the animal’s tracking collar and left her remains behind. The bear’s radio-transmitting collar had stopped sending signals in October 2017, leading wildlife officials to first assume Cinder had gone into hibernation for the winter, KOMO-News reported.

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It’s not about their beards. It’s about what’s in their heart’: Inside the world of professional Santas

Today 04:15 GMT

Across Canada, hundreds of professional Santas don the big red suit at malls, parties and private houses – inhabiting not only the clothes but the mystique of the magical man who delivers gifts to many millions of children around the world in a single night.

While Santa is traditionally a Christian figure, Toronto professional Santa Kerry Burns said he’s been embraced by people from all sorts of different religious backgrounds, adding that the magic of Santa “transcends all sorts of different cultures.” Burns, who’s been performing as a Santa for the past 15 years both in Toronto and his hometown of Halifax, said a good Santa needs to have three qualities: “You have to have the ho-ho-ho, you have to have the look, and you have to have the heart.”

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All the biggest stocks that are now in a bear market, in one chart

Today 00:35 GMT

Though the Dow and S&P remain firmly in the correction zone, not bear territory, many of the market watchers, movers and shakers who like to comment on such things are already calling the death of the decade-long bull run, and the onset of a bear market (most recently, bond king Jeff Gundlach).

A correction is typically defined as a 10% drop for a stock or an index from a recent peak, while a bear market is a 20%-plus decrease.

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Source: The Guradian

El Salvador court frees woman on trial after bearing rapist's baby

Tuesday 21:51 GMT

A rape victim who was charged with attempted murder in El Salvador after giving birth to her abuser’s baby has been found not guilty and freed from jail.

Imelda Cortez, 20, has been in custody since April 2017 after giving birth in a latrine to a baby girl fathered by her abusive stepfather. She was facing 20 years in prison after prosecutors argued that failing to tell anyone about the pregnancy or seek medical attention for the baby amounted to attempted murder.

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Woman survives horrific bear mauling by punching animal, getting help from dog named Bear

Tuesday 07:10 GMT

A Pennsylvania woman survived a horrific bear attack by repeatedly punching the animal after it dragged her the length of “almost a football field,” while getting some help from her pet Chihuahua.

Melinda LeBarron was attacked by a bear Wednesday night after she went outside of her home to see why her dog, named Bear, was barking. “The next thing she knew, she was on the ground getting slammed around,” her son, Trent LeBarron, told the Associated Press.

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More than half of S&P 500 stocks are now in a bear market

Tuesday 05:09 GMT

For the broad S&P indices, here’s the percentage of stocks in all the above indices in correction and bear territory as of the close on Dec. 14, as well as those that are down at least 50% from 52-week intraday highs:. Here’s how the 11 S&P 500 sectors stood compared with their 52-week intraday highs as of the close Dec. 14:. Here are the 16 S&P 500 stocks that were down at least 50% from their 52-week intraday highs through Dec. 14:. You can click the tickers for more about each company, including news, charts, estimates, financials and ratings.

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