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Major League Baseball Steps Gingerly to Speed Up Games

Today 03:22 GMT

For months, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred made it clear new rules to speed up the game would be in place by the start of the 2018 season.

Instead, umpires will signal for pitchers to throw their final warm-up with 25 seconds remaining on a timer, which will count down from 2:05 in locally televised games, 2:25 in games broadcast nationally and 2:55 in playoff or tiebreaker games.

1 Article
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Mets G.M.: Tim Tebow will play in the major leagues

Monday 21:51 GMT

Six years after a hot-potato trade from the Broncos to the Jets killed the football version of Tebowmania, Tim Tebow is trying to get to the highest rungs of another sport.

Alderson thinks that, is Tebow is ever going to develop to the point where he’s ready for the big leagues, he needs to be in a big-league environment.

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