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Could Greenland become China's Arctic base?

Today 07:00 GMT

The Greenlandic prime minister and foreign minister refused to speak to us about their government's attitude to China, but a former prime minister, Kuupik Kleist, told us he thought it would be good for Greenland.

There'll be pressure from the Danes and Americans to ensure the Chinese bid doesn't succeed, but that won't stop China's involvement in Greenland. The Greenlandic government has decided to build three big international airports capable of taking large passenger jets.

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A New Way to Spot the Next Financial Crisis

Today 04:15 GMT

Traditional financial models assumed that rational, well-informed people acted in efficient markets, allowing economists to analyze markets relatively simply with a few generalized rules.

People didn’t behave in the rational ways economists had assumed and supposedly freak events appeared with alarming frequency. The previous method for modeling the financial world was shown to have huge blind-spots during the 2008 crisis.

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Overseas Landlords Turning Away From Great Britain

Tuesday 14:30 GMT

Great Britain’s proportion of overseas landlords has shrunk by more than half in the last eight years, according to a report Monday from Hamptons International.

From Penta: David Hockney’s 1969 Double Portrait to Hit Christie’s London Auction. The number of Asian landlords has increased 2.1% since 2010, and Middle East-based landlords have also risen by 1.4% in the same time and now account for 11% of overseas-based landlords.

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Source: Global News

Vancouver animation team the ‘heart’ of new ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’

Sunday 13:34 GMT

“I think we all knew that the first question we’d be asked out of the gate is why are we making another ‘Spider-Man?”‘ said Joshua Beveridge, head of character animation at Sony Pictures Imageworks, with a laugh. “We wanted that to be visually obvious, because there’s all kinds of things you can do in animation you can’t do in any other medium.”

They used computer-generated animation to craft an esthetic that looks like a mixture of traditional hand-drawn animation and CG, even figuring out a way to do hand-drawn line work on top of three-dimensional characters.

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Source: The Week

The great electromagnetic resistance

Sunday 11:44 GMT

A former federal government public policy analyst, Kelley is now the executive director of the nonprofit Electromagnetic Safety Alliance and manages an international appeal brought by 244 scientists from 41 countries "urgently calling" for the international community to "address the global public health concerns related to exposure to cellphones, power lines, electrical appliances, wireless devices, wireless utility meters, and wireless infrastructure."

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