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Source: New York Times

An American Spy Base Hidden in Australia’s Outback

Today 04:16 GMT

“It’s the colors of Easter, so I always think of it as being a resurrection dress,” said Ms. Pestorius, a 53-year-old antiwar activist and devout Catholic, who on Friday was convicted of trespassing at a top-secret military base operated by the United States and hidden in the Australian outback.

Behind the scenes, the station was run by the C.I.A. to collect information from American spy satellites about the Soviet Union’s missile program.

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Source: Washington Post

A city in Niger worries a new U.S. drone base will make it a ‘magnet’ for terrorists

Today 04:15 GMT

Now, the growing perils faced by U.S. troops here are intensifying questions about the decision to build a drone base near Agadez — the second such facility in Niger, an impoverished West African country twice the size of Texas.

For nearly two years, the remote, barren site has been home to several hundred U.S. troops working around the clock to turn it into a high-tech, multimillion-dollar drone base.

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Just How Do I Find My ‘Passion’ in Retirement?

Today 04:16 GMT

Appeared in the November 6, 2017, print edition as 'The Key to Finding Your ‘Passion’ in Retirement.'. Retirement columnist Glenn Ruffenach also answers questions about Medicare Part D and about Social Security benefits

That could translate, in retirement, into volunteering in a reading program at an inner-city school or attending classes at a local college.

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Source: New York Times

On Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot, Steroid Talk and Few Sure Things

Today 04:16 GMT

By doing so, Morgan, a Hall of Fame second baseman, thrust the issue of performance-enhancing drugs back to the forefront of the Cooperstown conversation.

Once again, superstars under chemical clouds — Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez, Sammy Sosa — will appear on the ballots sent this week to voting members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. By doing so, Morgan, a Hall of Fame second baseman, thrust the issue of performance-enhancing drugs back to the forefront of the Cooperstown conversation.

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Source: Fox News

Former Atlanta Braves GM John Coppolella given lifetime ban from baseball

Wednesday 08:07 GMT

Former Atlanta Braves General Manager John Coppolella was banned from working in professional baseball for life Tuesday over rule violations the club committed in signing international players.

Manfred said he is confident the Braves management team led by McGuirk, Anthopoulos and vice chairman John Schuerholz "have and will put in place procedures to ensure that this type of conduct never occurs again and which will allow the club to emerge from this difficult period as the strong and respected franchise that it has always been."

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Source: New York Times

Joe Morgan: Keep Steroid Users Out of Baseball Hall of Fame

Wednesday 10:54 GMT

Joe Morgan sent a letter to Hall of Fame voters on Tuesday saying that any players who took steroids should not go into the Hall of Fame.

Several writers pointed out that the letter also came too late, in a way, as it is quite possible some steroid users have already been admitted.

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Source: The Guradian

Michael Lang’s late shocker punishes Manchester United for taking it easy

Thursday 15:27 GMT

Disaster struck for Manchester United with less than a minute of normal time left when Michael Lang prodded home to claim a win that, however, could not stop United qualifying before their final Group A game against CSKA Moscow at Old Trafford.

And, after Mourinho brought on Ibrahimovic for Martial, Lang made his late intervention to leave Basel, along with CSKA, three points behind United.

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Source: NBC News

Facebook can tell if you're gay based on a few 'likes,' study says

Thursday 21:50 GMT

A new study published in the journal "Big Data" found that ad campaigns can make inferences about whether a user is gay based on as little as three likes, even when users intentionally withhold their sexual orientation.

In response to these types of privacy issues, the study recommended that Facebook introduce a “cloaking device” that would protect users from having advertisers make inferences based on their likes — even if the inferences are correct.

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