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With Theresa’s ‘turd’ deal flushed away, pray for an EU invasion

Thursday 12:40 GMT

“It … sends a message … to the whole world,” croaked Theresa May to the Commons on Tuesday night, “about the sort of country … the United Kingdom will be … in the years and decades ahead.”

The land that likes to picture itself as a David Niven world war two movie is in fact a look-away episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show. The question of whether Brexit represented a midlife crisis or the descent into senility appears to have been answered.

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Classic car industry fears Trump and Brexit roadblock

Friday 16:20 GMT

For more than four decades Elliot Cuker has been selling classic cars from his garage in New York, but last year he hit a roadblock.

Last year, average classic car prices rose just 1%, according to a separate report by classic car index Hagerty Price Guide. While some slowdown is highly likely after such a strong decade of growth, most in the industry blame President Trump's threat to hit car and car parts imports to the US with tariffs of as much as 25%.

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets...” ― Napoléon Bonaparte