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Detailed images of baby heart in the womb

Saturday 17:14 GMT

The foetal heart is tiny, beats incredibly quickly, and the baby moves around inside the womb so the images of the heart look like a fuzzy blur.

Another approach is to use four ultrasound probes at the same time - current scans use one - to get a more detailed picture.

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Source: The Guradian

'When I’m 16, my baby brother will take over': the rise of the kidfluencer

Today 00:33 GMT

There are hundreds getting more than 100,000 clicks a time, or with six-figure follower counts, such as Harlen White (209,000 on Instagram), the blue?eyed toddler thought, at one point, to be Britain’s most followed baby.

His most popular, with 10m views, was a 2017 challenge where Lorenzo and his brother Romello, now 15, took on YouTube brothers Harry and Josh Lewis, to see who could hit the crossbar and both goal posts first.

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'Baby Grady' gives hope to infertile boys

Saturday 14:29 GMT

Scientists say they have made a significant leap towards helping boys with cancer stay fertile, thanks to a baby monkey called Grady.

Allan Pacey, professor of andrology at the University of Sheffield, said: "This is a really excellent study, which is a great step forward, but it is important to remember that before we could attempt to use it in humans, further research would be needed to show that it is safe and that it works in the same kind of way.

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Ebola outbreak spreads to new city in conflict-hit Congo

Thursday 13:35 GMT

Congo has been hit with the second-deadliest outbreak of Ebola, with more than 600 people killed by the virus since last August.

The Democratic Republic of Congo's health ministry on Wednesday confirmed a case of the deadly Ebola virus in Bunia, the second-largest city in the country's east with a population of nearly one million people. The patient is a six-month-old baby, but authorities are baffled that its parents "appear to be in good health."

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Pregnant vegan woman upset that husband wants her to eat meat

Thursday 10:50 GMT

One pregnant woman recently took to Mumsnet to poll users regarding whether or not it’s right that her husband is encouraging her to eat meat for the health of their unborn child, which would break her lifelong commitment to a diet free of animal products.

All dietary preferences aside, the American Pregnancy Association recommends that women avoid deli meat, soft cheeses, various types of fish and unpasteurized milk when they’re expecting — marching orders that ElizabethForever will surely be happy to follow.

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Trevor Noah: Trump 'has a separate chequebook for paying off porn stars'

Friday 12:40 GMT

On the Daily Show, Trevor Noah explained the latest row between Donald Trump and George Conway, “a prominent conservative lawyer and a full-sized Danny DeVito”. Conway has again been tweeting attacks on the president, the latest of which has seen him suggesting that Trump has a narcissistic personality disorder, which Noah describes as “the most perfect match of disease and person I have ever seen” after running through the nine numbered characteristics.

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Danish politician told baby ‘not welcome’ in Parliament — should kids be allowed at work?

Friday 15:25 GMT

Danish politician Mette Abildgaard was told her five-month-old daughter was “not welcome” in Parliament by speaker Pia Kjaersgaard.

Lynn says as long as arrangements are made for the child to be moved out of a shared space if they are crying or making a fuss, there’s no reason why a baby shouldn’t be allowed in a workplace — even Parliament. Plus, Lynn says it’s important for workplaces to remember that when someone has a child, they’re going to need accommodations from time to time, regardless of whether or not the child is on the job with them.

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Danish MP with baby ordered out of parliament by speaker

Thursday 03:19 GMT

Danish lawmaker Mette Abildgaard took to Facebook to respond to speaker Pia Kjaersgaard's request to remove her baby daughter from the parliamentary chamber.

The former leader of the far-right Danish People’s Party and current house speaker Pia Kjaersgaard apparently passed the message to Abildgaard: "You are not welcome with your baby in the parliament's chamber," via an assistant. Read more: AfD in the Bundestag: Can Germany learn from Scandinavia's far-right problem?

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Danish MP's baby 'not welcome' in chamber

Thursday 06:04 GMT

Pia Kjaersgaard, parliament speaker and ex-leader of the right-wing Danish People's Party, reportedly told her she was "not welcome" with her baby.

Laws in Western Australia are currently being discussed to allow mothers to breastfeed in parliament, but the proposals sparked controversy by not also allowing for bottle-feeding.

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