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Stock market keeps rising, so why is nobody cheering?

Today 08:05 GMT

Yet, the stock market, as for much of this decade-long bull market (except maybe from the 2016 election through the end of 2017), hasn’t gotten a whole lot of love.

Over the past five trading days, 620 stocks trading on the New York Stock Exchange achieved new 52-week highs while only 95 notched new lows, a bullish 6.5-to-one ratio.

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Cities where Americans have the most cash left over after paying their mortgages

Today 00:34 GMT

Here’s the cities where people have the most income left after paying their mortgage:. People earning median-income and paying the average mortgage in the D.C. area are expected to have about $83,642 left over per year.

However, in some cities, Americans have a little more discretionary income left over after accounting for rent or a mortgage payments. The general guideline is that people should not allocate more than 30 percent of their earnings toward housing expenses, according to real estate site Zillow.

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Gasoline prices ‘really starting to surge,’ could near $3 a gallon by spring: analyst

Monday 20:00 GMT

Retail U.S. gasoline prices are poised to climb for a sixth straight week, and could near $3 a gallon on average before they peak this spring, fuel-price tracker GasBuddy said on Monday.

The “spring surge is a bit larger than I was expecting so far this year,” he said, noting that traditionally the national average has gone up anywhere from 35 cents to 75 cents a gallon from a winter low to a spring peak and so far, the market is 30-plus cents a gallon higher “and it’s only March, with perhaps two more months to go before prices peak around the time [refinery] maintenance wraps up.”

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Germany's family minister urges gender pay gap closure

Tuesday 17:14 GMT

Read more: Does the adjusted pay gap make Germany look better than it really is?. Germany failed to close its gender pay gap last year, even marginally, federal statisticians revealed earlier this month that gross pay for women was on average 21 per cent less than men.

Germany's justice minister, Katarina Barley, told the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper that the discrimination against women in Germany would not be tolerated.

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Fox News Digital beats CNN to finish No. 1 in multi-platform views, total minutes in February

Wednesday 01:30 GMT

Fox News Digital picked up 1.5 billion multi-platform views during the month if February to finish No. 1, growing nine percent since last year and topping CNN.com for the first time since August 2018, comScore revealed Monday.

Fox News Digital averaged 3.6 billion total minutes, leading the multi-platform minute category for the fifth consecutive month and growing nearly 60 percent compared to last year.

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