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Patriots are the early Super Bowl favorites against Rams

Today 19:04 GMT

The New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl — again — and pulled off their second comeback of the night after winning Sunday’s AFC championship. Oddsmakers Sunday night made the Los Angeles Rams the early favorites, by 1 point, for the Super Bowl matchup Feb. 3 in Atlanta, but momentum soon swung back the Patriots’ way.

New England was a 14-point underdog in 2002, but stunned the “Greatest Show on Turf” Rams on a last-second field goal, winning 20-17.

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The No. 1 reason you’re still broke even if you received a pay raise last year

Today 15:25 GMT

As of Jan. 1, some 5.3 million hourly workers in the U.S. received raises as a result of minimum wage increase ballot measures passed in Missouri, Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, and Maine. However, more than 60% of Americans said they did not get a pay raise in the last year, a December survey from personal-finance site Bankrate found, despite other data that’s shown modest wage growth over the past year, helped by a shrinking pool of labor, more competition among companies to hire workers and retiring baby boomers.

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What the world's #10YearChallenge looks like

Sunday 20:54 GMT

If you've been pretty much anywhere on the internet in the last couple of weeks, you'll have no doubt come across #10YearChallenge on social media.

The International Energy Agency says that renewables surged in 2016, thanks in no small part to a boom in solar panel installation in China.

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What Drove Jack Bogle to Upend Investing

Sunday 21:49 GMT

History will remember Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard Group, as the great democratizer of capitalism, the person who made it possible for just about everyone to afford to buy a stake in stocks and bonds.

His achievements—creating the first index fund for individual investors, lowering the costs of investing almost to the vanishing point—are all the more remarkable because, for him, life itself was a near-death experience.

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How long will I live — and how much will it cost me?

Sunday 16:20 GMT

Those solutions include delaying Social Security benefits, favoring employers that offer traditional pension plans and considering different types of income annuity.

Global life expectancy for almost every nation will rise during the next two decades, with Spain overtaking Japan as the country with the longest life expectancy. Meanwhile, on the list of 195 countries, the U.S. will fall 20 places, from 43rd to 64th.

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Here’s what low NYSE trading volume is telling us about the stock market’s direction

Saturday 22:44 GMT

Some of the bearish advisers I monitor are worried that it might be, on the grounds that volume is a leading indicator and New York Stock Exchange trading volume has been trending lower.

To be sure, measuring the impact of lower trading volume is anything but straightforward, since trading volume has grown steadily over the years. To overcome that long-term uptrend, I calculated for each month since 1972 a ratio of its NYSE trading volume to the trailing 12-month average.

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U.S. stock market has switched to bullish from bearish too quickly

Saturday 18:09 GMT

Since there was no bullish divergence at the December low, stocks could retest that low (like in 2016), to carve out a bullish divergence before moving higher.

The chart below (originally published in the Dec. 19 Profit Radar Report) plots the S&P 500 against the average bear market trajectory. This target is based on the trajectory of the past 10 bear markets (as defined by Ned Davis Research).

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